Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stayin' B-u-S-y!

Everyone has always told me that the way to keep time passing by fast is to keep busy. That's been no problem for me at work, but it''s when I get home that it's really sad. I love spending time with Dannika, but it's rough having alone time sometimes. I decided since Nick left that I would redo Dannika's nursery. I never got the truly do what I wanted to do with her nursery when she was born because we were in the process of moving. I figured now was perfect. I want to do her room in a hot pink and zebra theme. I started working on it, and I am just now waiting to get rid of her furniture so that I can buy white furniture to match her room! It's been a lot of fun redecorating. I'm nowhere near done, but I am slowly starting to go towards my goal!! It helps keep my mind off of Nick and it helps time pass by. Dannika and I had dinner with the Gilbert family tonight, and it was always! I met them through their son, Kevin who joined the Marine Corps through our office. I couldn't be more blessed to have met them. They've been awesome support since Nick has left, and I couldn't ask for better friends in my life! Here are some pics from my weekend!

The shelving unit that I put together for Dannika's room...that took me an hour and a half cause I put it together backwards!! One of those moments when I really missed Nick...

The new light switch cover I got!

Dannika on mama's bed

Before leavin the house to go to the Gilbert's house

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Rainy California Saturday

It's another rainy day for us, but I didn't want to be cooped up in the house all day so I decided to drive to Camp Pendleton and do some grocery shopping. That and, Dannika and I wanted an excuse to dress up. Since Nick's been gone, I don't really go out to eat or anything on the weekends like we usually do or go hang out somewhere, so I haven't been really into getting ready to go out...meaning getting dressed up, putting on make up, doing my hair, etc., etc., etc. Since I was leaving my house today, I decided it was a great excuse for Dannika and I to "dress up" rather than our usual comfy home attire (pt gear for me, and a onesie for Dannika). I was excited about trying out some new bows that I bought Dannika too! I discovered a store on etsy that sells bows for babies for WAY CHEAP! I can not believe that I did not know about this before! On average, Dannika's beautiful hair pieces cost an average of about $20-$25, and I've even gone as far as to spend $40 on a few! I know some people would think I was insane, but to me, you can't really put a price tag on something that is for my baby. I am just obsessed with HUGE bows and flowers for her head!!!! This one is my new favorite one of hers because it's different. It has a little sparkly pink ladybug in the middle of the flower. I fell in love with it. All the ladies at the commissary today kept complimenting Dannika on how cute she was and how pretty her bow was. What can I say? Nick and I make beautiful babies...

When I say, "Smile for the camera, baby!", she makes this

I finally got this picture I ordered on canvas! I love it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Helloooo Handsome!

I finally got an updated picture of Nick from Afghanistan! I was so thrilled when I got it. I swear I just stared at it for like 15 minutes. I think the other guy in this pic is his LT or Capt???? Notice his tactical wedding band?? For Christmas I got Nick a black tungsten band to take with him to Afghanistan. It doesn't scratch and it's durable, so I thought it was a good practical Christmas gift for him! What a handsome guy I married...and baby...I know you read this...I love you bigger than the sky...and I miss you more than you will ever know...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pure L-O-V-E

This week has been a very challenging and trying week for me at work. I prayed more than I usually do this week about EVERYTHING. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong. I started to second guess myself if I was really meant to be a recruiter. I guess I am still trying to adjust to doing everything from Dannika, work, gym, bills, household duties....just everything. Nick has been EXTREMELY busy, and he's been in river city for the majority of the last two weeks. I think not hearing from him is what that has made my week worse. Funny thing...I woke up one morning with the worst feeling in my stomach ever cause of work. I was stressed out to the point of having a headache and nausea, but as soon as I woke Dannika up and saw her face light up when she saw me...I just hugged her for a good few minutes and told her I loved her. It instantly made me feel better. That's how I know I am in love. Before Dannika, the only person that could make me feel that way after a rough patch was Nick, but Dannika makes me feel the exact same way. She is just so awesome. She laughs so much EVERYTHING, and it puts me in such a good mood to hear her giggle. The best part of my day is when I go pick her up from daycare...when Kathi opens the door and Dannika sees my face, she is instant smiles. It makes me feel loved and it makes me feel better about leaving her there all day. I know that at the end of the day, she missed me and is happy to see me. She's my world, and I couldn't imagine my life without her! 

This is her reading her Baby Jesus book in the morning before daycare...look at daddy's ears.

concentrating...(none of these pics are posed)

She doesn't suck her thumb...she sucks her middle and pointer finger....silly girl...when will my baby get hair!?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do I Have the Sweetest Husband or What???

I have been having a rough day today with work and everything else with "life", and just as I had gotten a phone call from my work about my kid getting DQ'd on the med deck, I received ANOTHER bouquet of beautiful roses from my Nick. That is a total of 5 Valentine's Day deliveries from my love. I also FINALLY received 2 of the letters that he wrote me at the beginning of the month. It made me smile so big, and if you notice the pictures above, he made the envelope out to "2 Most Beautiful Girls". How did I get so lucky, and what did I do in life to deserve all this?!

It was such a pretty day outside today, so I took Dannika outside in our backyard for a little photoshoot in her new outfit and new shoes!
Look at those cute mary janes!
Mama's little princess

She was a little terrified of her new bear
Her Panda suit
This is a typical Sunday morning for us. Dannika hogs the TV and remote while I get stuck watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.
She misses her daddy, so she plays with daddy's DI dog

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

♥Happy Belated Valentine's Day to US!♥

I came home from work today, and Dannika had a package delivered to our front door from her great aunt Gladys. She was very thrilled with her stuffed animals and had a ball playing with them. I was pleasantly interrupted while feeding Dannika her peas for dinner with the UPS guy delivering us two packages. I automatically knew they were from Nick cause he told me expect a few more Valentine's day gifts over the next few days. He sent me a necklace and a box of the most beautiful (and delicious), hand dipped chocolate strawberries. Every girl loves jewelry and chocolates! Since I am giving up sugar for lent (which is tomorrow), I have decided that I will just have to eat them all tonight! I'm not catholic, but I've always given up something for lent. It's a good way to test my will power and self control. My mom does fasting sometimes for church, and I think it's crazy how she can NOT EAT for DAYS!!!! It's amazing how prayer can make her "full" when she fasts. Anyways, here are our pics from our wonderful belated Valentine's Day! 

Dannika's Valentine's Day gifts from her great aunt Gladys

The beautiful necklace from my wonderful Nick

MMMMM...SO DELISH! As you can see, Dannika and I already ate one

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dannika and her friend Christopher James

On the evening of Valentine's Day, Dulce and Thomas had dinner plans for their Valentine's Day at Hush Restaurant in Laguna Beach, they dropped off Christopher with me to watch. He was just getting over being really sick. He was slow to warm up to the idea at first, but once his mama left, and I turned on "Olivia" on Nick Jr., he was hooked. I think Dannika enjoyed having company other than me too! It was so funny cause Dannika kept looking at him like, "what the heck are you doing at MY house and why are you playing with MY toys!?" They watched "Olivia" and "Yo Gabba Gabba" together. At one point, Dannika started crying cause she wanted me to hold her, and Christopher looked SUPER annoyed  that she was interrupting his show. He put his finger over her mouth and told her to "shhh". I couldn't stop laughing. He tried to feed her his frosted animal crackers by putting them in her mouth. Dannika thought that was weird. Having Christopher over was a nice change for us. It broke the monotony of our usual evenings together alone. The first time I met Christopher was when he was Dannika's age. It's so crazy to see how fast time flies and how much he has grown! I remember when he was just starting solids! It makes me sad that our babies grow up so fast. It almost feels like last week when I was screaming bloody murder cause the doctor told me I couldn't have an epidural cause I had dilated so fast. I actually screamed for Jesus in the labor and delivery room...hahaha. And I can't believe that little 8 pound baby they put in my arms has become who she is now. I can't wait to see what she becomes when she grows up!

Christopher was NOT happy that I was taking pictures and interrupting his Nick Jr. time

"Come on mom! You're embarassing me! We're trying to watch tv!"

Notice Christopher is now sitting in Dannika's pink boppy and Dannika is forced to use a sofa cushion.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dannika's First Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day...always have always will...even when I was SINGLE! I've never been one of those people who mope around on Valentine's Day hating the world and all the happy couples. I think Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate L*O*V*E...not being in a relationship. People often get so wrapped up in life that they get comfortable around the people they love and forget to show them. What better way than to have a holiday dedicated to it! This year is no different for me. I mean, yes, I have been sad today cause I really wish Nick was here to celebrate together, but I was determined to make it special for Dannika. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday morning when FEDEX brought a bouquet of beautiful tulips for me from Nick with the sweetest note ever! I was then informed by Nick that I had 4 more days of gifts to expect in the mail. He always seems to know exactly what I need to be happy and make me smile. This morning, I took Dannika down to Capo Beach and went on a 5 mile run. I'm sooooo lucky to live in beautiful sunny Southern California! Afterwards, we came home, ate lunch and went down to Del Mar Street in San Clemente to do some shopping. I got Dannika and myself an outfit and probably spent way too much on a onesie for her at one of the boutiques there, but I couldn't help it, and she deserves the best! We had lots of fun. Tonight, the Praxedes' are dropping off their 2 year old son, Christopher off for me to watch while they go on their Valentine's Day date. I'm looking forward to that! Here are our pictures from today!

beautiful tulips...

can he be any sweeter?

After our run on the beach

Nothing like a 5 mile run to start off the day

Dannika and I hanging out in our backyard