Sunday, November 28, 2010

"No!" and Dance Parties

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday & Traditions

I've never been a "Black Friday" kinda gal.
In fact, I dread crowds, and I love my sleep.
I'm the type of person that would much rather pay full price for something than endure that hell!
In fact...I hardly ever wait for things to go on sale.
I'm so impatient...I usually find myself paying full price for things I probably shouldn't.
But THIS year...
Nick and I decided to see what this whole fuss was about.
I really wanted to get Nick a skilsaw and some other power tools for Christmas, and if you've seen the price of a power tool these's pretty insane!
We woke up at 5am (which for Black Friday is pretty late, I guess) and headed to Lowe's.
When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of fact...there were NO crowds.
It took me by surprise cause Lowe's had some GREAT deals on bbq's, power tools, wine refrigerators, Christmas stuff, etc.
I was a little disappointed that I didn't see grown men fighting over a table saw that was marked 60% off.
Since it was so early, we didn't even feed Dannika her breakfast. 
We got her sippy cup filled with milk and headed out the door.
She was hungry by the time we were done at Lowe's so we treated her to pancakes at IHop. 
The next stop was Michael's.
I just went there cause I like it there.
I had nothing in particular I needed from there, but we did end up buying our yearly Christmas ornaments there (which I shall get into later).
Wal Mart.
I guess Wal Mart was supposed to be the craziest...
Again, I was disappointed that I didn't see grown people fighting over the 30 dollar crockpot.
It was a little busier in the electronics section, but nothing TOO bad.
I suppose Black Friday is different depending on where you live.
San Clemente is an extremely lazy, cozy little beach town.
I'm sure more people were up at 4am with surfboard in hand to hit the waves than hit a sale.

The day after Thanksgiving has become a tradition for Nick and I to put up our Christmas stuff.
I was so excited to decorate our tree, put up our stockings, put my Christmas centerpiece on my dining room table, and have Nick put up Christmas lights outside :-)
It's also become a tradition for us as a family to go out and buy a new ornament to put on our tree.
It was way fun putting up our ornaments that we've acquired in our short time as husband and wife.
It's so crazy to see Dannika's "First Christmas" ornament!
It really hit me hard how fast time flies, and how I must savor and cherish every moment I get with my little girl!

the ornament Dannika picked out (the color didn't come out that great in this pic)

Dannika's ornament
Our tree

Close up of Dannika's tree in her room

I can't believe that I spent 14 dollars on a pacifier to have it personalized! Dannika only used a paci for like 4 months until I took her off of it. Now it's a Christmas ornament!

My handsome guy

Dannika's first pair of Cowboy boots

My mother in law sent us these last year. It's so fitting this year cause it reminds me of Nick and his Plt Cmdr, Lt. Boera.

Putting the star on!

Dannika being mischievous

She wanted to help her daddy

This is what I get to see when I go to get her from her nap...check out that faux hawk!

Our First Christmas as a family of 3 (last year!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Romer Thanksgiving 2010

It's been a while since I've cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal.
We invited our friend Ryan (AKA Uncle Sully) over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.
I decided to make everything from scratch minus the pie and cranberry sauce. 
Everything turned out great, and most importantly...

I got to spend it with people I love!

Thanksgiving Morning

Nick washing "Henry"...our turkey

Hanging out and eating apples

I love these two

Beginning the cooking

Action shot...looks rather dangerous with the sharp objects in my hand

turkey stuffed with apples and covered with bacon

the fam

Nick made Dannika this little "poncho" to keep her worked...sorta

Everything cooked by ME!

Dannika and her Uncle Sully

This is what happens when you put tupperware on a hot stove...oopsie

Post Thanksgiving festivities...Call of Duty....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Laughter Makes the World Go Round

Dannika thinks EVERYTHING is a phone...including socks...
Nick always smells the clean laundry while he folds it. 
Dannika grabbed some socks from the clean laundry pile and brought it into the living room sniffing it.

This is a Korean "Podaegi".
It's a sling type thing that Korean grandmas use to hold children on their back.
My mom bought me one when she went to Korea.
Nick decided to give it a try...
As you can see...Dannika LOVES it!


I am thankful for a husband who puts up with me.
  He is understanding of me when no one else is.
I am thankful for a beautiful baby girl.
She brings more laughter and joy into my life than I could have imagined.
I am thankful for having a job.
I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with the World's Finest...
United States Marine Corps.
I am thankful for those same Marines that sacrifice so much so that we can be free.
I am thankful for those who have given their lives.
I am thankful for those who are not getting to spend Thanksgiving with their families because of their call to duty.

and most importantly...

I am thankful for God.
I am thankful that even when I stray from him (which is a lot),
He is always there when I need him.
I am thankful...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mama's Good Looks...

 and more laughs than a stack of comic books...

Watching Nick Jr. after breakfast in Saturday morning


Being mischievous

"I hope I don't get caught..."


Ready for Thanksgiving!

my Thanksgiving table centerpiece. I can't wait to put my Christmas stuff up!!!
This year, I'm cooking a small Thanksgiving feast!
I say small, because this year, it will be our little family of three and Dannika's Uncle Sully!!!!
I'm really excited about cooking, and I have FINALLY finished all my grocery shopping!

On the menu will be...
Roast turkey (of course a given!)
green bean and bacon casserole from scratch
cornbread sausage stuffing (southern style!)
mashed potatoes from scratch
sweet potato casserole from scratch
cranberry sauce (not from scratch)

I'm SO excited, and I LOVE the holiday season!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November, November

This month has been quite the busy month for us!
It was brought up to me by my mother that I hadn't updated my pics or my blog in a while...
So here y'all go!
I'll try and go in chronological order on what's been going on since the Marine Corps Ball!


Nick and I got a 4 day weekend for Veteran's day weekend.
This weekend means a little more in the Romer household than the average household for obvious reasons.

One of Nick's best friend's from Golf Battery, Dannika's Uncle Sully came over to hang out and have a few drinks at our house.
The next day, we all went to Saddleback Community College to the Veteran's Memorial to observe Veteran's Day.
Uncle Sully and Nick...they have quite a relationship.

Veteran's day memorial service...this is Nick's "serious" face...

<3Kari's Baby Shower<3

I have met so many wonderful women this year it's unreal!
I love the new friends I made...the ladies of Tango Battery.
I was introduced to Kari by Becca at her house on Halloween, and she was just too sweet!
Her husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, and she is due to have her sweet sweet baby girl in January before he gets back.
Becca was so sweet and threw her an awesome baby shower at her house, and Dannika and I got to go.
Great food, friends, games, and party favors.

The toilet paper game...measuring Kari's baby....Victoria won...I think she cheated

Jackson and Dannika playing with Shep

The mama to be...doesn't she look great?!

Jackson visiting Dannika in "Cell Block 6"

"Hey friend, get me outta here!"

The flower that Becca crocheted for even matched her outfit that day!!


Dannika is still not walking yet. Dr Shannon was a little concerned so he had us get her hips x-rayed to make sure there were no developmental issues. The x-rays came back normal and she is fine...just a late bloomer. 
She does stand on her own now though, and that gave us hope that she will walk soon.
Other than her walking, her vocabulary has grown tremendously and she is learning new things everyday!
It's crazy to watch her develop into a little "person"
Even her little tantrums that she throws now (throwing herself backwards on the floor) are cute.
I love hearing saying "uh-oh" when she drops something.
She says Doda...when she sees Dora the Explorer...
She even speaks a little Korean!
Trying out the Korean "podaegi" for the first time...all the way from South Korea!

She LOVES it!


When I say "Touch your head"...she does this