Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty and the Beach

My friend, Erin's business (Erin Dietrich Photography) is doing this AWESOME Mother's Day giveaway!

Check out the details here in her blog, Beauty and the Beach !

And sorry to my friends in Texas and Cali, but she is only available in Myrtle Beach, SC or Orange County, NEW YORK *not Cali (insert sad face here)

For those of you not familiar, she has taken all of these beautiful photos below.

I actually have an entire folder in my iphoto titled "Erin Dietrich Photography"
She's taken so many wonderful pictures of our little family!!
So sad she moved, but so happy that people are recognizing her beautiful talents over there on the east coast!!!

Check them out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

He has Risen!

I think a lot of times people lose sight of what Easter is really about.
Sure...candy, Easter bunnies, and cute dresses are cool....

And it's an excuse to celebrate.

I just feel like people don't realize that Easter is a Christian holiday meant to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He has risen and we are saved!!!!!!!!

how awesome is that!!!!!????

This year, we got to spend Easter with our friends Sunny, Kim, their sons Devon and Kanoa, and Kim's family at her parents' gorgeous home in Santa Ana.

The day started off with an Easter Egg hunt for Dannika, Kanoa, and Lola in Kim's parent's front yard. 
They have this GORGEOUS front yard with a cute little Koi pond.

It was so much fun!
Dannika actually knew that she had to find these eggs to hold in her basket.
She was having an absolute blast!

After the little kids had their egg hunt, the older children had theirs in the backyard by the pool.

It really made me miss my family back home in Texas, but I am sooo blessed to have such great friends with awesome families!

Kim's parents made us feel so at home and welcomed our little family with open arms

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the jacuzzi just hanging out.

I couldn't have asked for a better family to spend Easter with!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Saturday @ Home

Our family has spent today just putting our house back together. is not COMPLETELY done yet..

but almost :-)

The contractors are coming back next week to do last minute touch ups.
We got our furniture back in our living room and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to do some redecorating and rearranging.

I am a little obsessed with interior design, and have been glued on Google keyword : "home decorating tips".

I thought I'd share my biggest pet peeve when it comes to people decorating their homes...

 * When you hang things on your walls, make sure they are EYE LEVEL!! There is nothing I can't stand more than walking into a home, and everything his hung up SO high. If I have to look up at it or stand on my toes to figure out who is in the photograph that you hung up, chances are, you need to lower it! Also, hanging things eye level will make your ceilings look higher. The purpose of hanging things on your wall are for your guests and your family to enjoy and look at.*

So there's my "Martha Stewart" tip for the day.

And of course, some pictures from today of my little one playing outside with daddy.

She's a woman on a mission!

My loves

This is our neighbor's house (JoAnne and Mike). They are so nice to watch Dannika for us anytime Nick and I need a "date night". Dannika ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM!! Everytime we go outside, if she see's Mike's truck in the garage, she insists on going over and knocking on their door. So cute.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Family of 3...for the 1st time...

I met my friend Kari in October of 2010 through my good friend Becca.
She came to Becca's Halloween party all pregnant and dressed up like a horse.
While most of you are thinking...a HORSE??!! What the hell?!
She dressed as a horse for her husband, SSgt Matt Cartier who was forward deployed to a dangerous place...Sangin, Afghanistan. 
He is a Marine with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines...aka...Darkhorse.
For those of you who are not familiar with 3/5 and their amazing and heroic accomplishments in Afghanistan.....let me give you a small recap:
In 7 months...
25 gave their lives....
140 were wounded...

They. Are. Heroes.

Since then, I've gotten to know Kari through the usual Tango Battery wives get togethers and she's become a "Tango" spouse

Her daughter, Madison was born at the beginning of the year, and her husband has seen nothing pictures of her their precious angel. 

When I found out the date he was coming home, I didn't hesitate to ask my Master Guns to give me a half day to go see her husband return from Afghanistan.

My friend Kim took her amazing homecoming pictures, and I showed up with my camera just to get some cool photos on the side.

Welcome Home, Matt!!!
He met his precious baby girl for the FIRST TIME today....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Pictures

My house is still not done :-(
It was supposed to be done Friday...
Then I was told it would be done Saturday...
Now we are looking at Tuesday.

But our new hardwood floors (what is done of it at least) looks fabulous.

I realized a few weeks ago that the last time we had family pictures done was at Nick's homecoming from Afghanistan.
That was EIGHT months ago!!!!

It seems like just yesterday that Erin took our photos at Las Pulgas the day Nick got home.

Erin has since moved to South Carolina and I knew I had to find a new photographer to take pictures of my family.
While I was sad that she left, I know she's probably over there in good ole Myrtle Beach, SC capturing moments through her lens :-), and making people happy.


I was on facebook one day and remembered that my friend Ashley was a photographer too!
How could I have forgotten that?!?!

She takes amazing photos and she is the owner of Two/Eleven Photography
I didn't hesitate to ask her to take my family's photos. 
I got my sneak preview today, and I must say...

They are breathtaking!!!
I can't wait to see the rest! 
Check them out...

This one is my favorite


Here are photos I took of my little princess today before our family went out to run our typical Sunday errands...