Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sidewalk Chalkin'

Sundays and I have a "Love/Hate" relationship.
I try and make the best of every Sunday by getting last minute chores done and getting ready for the week.
We spent today getting Nick's haircut, going grocery shopping, washing Nick's truck (by ourselves!), and lastly, letting Dannika have her fun time.
She got some "Easter" sidewalk chalk in the Easter basket from her "Ma-maw" (Nick's mom), and we hadn't taken it out of the package to test it out.
Today was perfect. 
I think I had more fun with it than Dannika did.
 Look at that cute baby belly!

 Gotta wash off all that chalk!

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  1. What cute easter chalk and even cuter baby!! Looks like she had lots of fun drawing. :)


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