Sunday, December 30, 2012

First REAL Snow

We woke up this morning to about a foot of powder snow.
It was beautiful.

Of course D freaked out when she looked out the window this morning, and she could NOT wait to go outside in it.
I'm glad that all of D's snow gear that I bought her is getting good use so far.
Silly me, I forgot to buy her waterproof gloves/mittens, so after a few minutes making snowballs with her fleece mittens, they were soaked.
(note to self: buy waterproof gloves)
To all my friends who recommended I buy a good rainboot....THANK YOU!
I ended up buying knee high Steve Madden rainboots, and they're amazing.
I trekked around in a foot of snow in our backyard and stayed dry!
I just need some inserts for them because my toes are frozen (and I was wearing warm thick socks).

FAIL : trying unsuccessfully to make a snow angel in snow that is too deep.

 And being the little diva that she is, she has to strike a pose.

That's some deep snow!

I get a lot of compliments on her snow boots. They're Adidas, and I bought them off of Zappos.

Our neighbors own a snow blower, and they offered to let Nick borrow it in exchange for Nick's services to clear their driveway as well. Good deal if you ask me. The other neighbors who were shoveling snow looked jealous.

Dozer was a little unsure of the snow at first. It is actually quite hilarious to watch him "prance" around in it. Seriously...prance. The snow is too deep for him to really "walk", so he hops through the snow like a giant rabbit.

And you know....child labor at its' finest.

Hope everyone has a wonderful last Sunday of 2012!

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  1. Oh wow! Thats a lot of snow! PS- did you know youre a no-reply commenter? Just wanted to be sure you knew.


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