Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

When my little sister (a Texas girl) and her husband (a New Yorker) moved to Chicago a few years ago, they experienced one of the worst blizzards that Chicago had in 40 years. 
It looks like a repeat is about to happen for our family.
After only 2 1/2 months of living here, we're expecting a monstrosity of a blizzard and expecting up to THREE feet of snow and gusts of winds up to 60mph.....oh and coastal flooding since it's conveniently a full moon (high tides).
The only thing I am/was worried about was the fact that Boston (where Nick works) was supposed to get hit the hardest.
I was worried that Nick would have to go to work today, and then be stuck in a blizzard on his afternoon commute and not make it home tonight safely. 
Thank God he was given a "snow day" and did not have to go in today.
Although we only live 15 miles outside of Boston, I feel a little safer that we're not RIGHT on the coast (false sense of security?).
For the people who lived here through Hurricane Sandy, they are in full panic mode.
I was smart and did my grocery shopping bright and early yesterday morning at 730am!
I forgot a few things, so I sent Nick this morning to the store, and the things he told me were hilarious.
 He also described a panic stricken lady running around screaming, "They're out of everything! They have nothing!"
I don't care who you are...that is hilarious.
He described that the shelves were bare, and don't even think about buying fresh produce.
That stuff was all gone as well.
While it's comical, I can also be sympathetic and understand that the remnants of Hurricane Sandy are still fresh wounds to the locals here.

I have a little sense of security when it comes to disaster relief.
Nick and I grew up in Alabama and Texas, and we survived many hurricane seasons and tornado watches.
We spent the last 10 years of our existence in southern California and survived several mild to moderate sized earthquakes.
Since Nick was always deployed, in the field, or wherever the Marines had him (besides home with D and me), he was always worried about our safety for when he wasn't home.
He made us an earthquake survival kit (just in case the "big one" hit SoCal while he was not home).
Thankfully, we never had to break it out and use it, but we did bring it here to New England, and if the worst happens, I'm pretty confident in my Marine that he'll know what to do.
We have water, a footlocker full of MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat for you non military types who are reading this), portable lanterns, batteries in every size...etc. etc. etc. etc.
 Not to mention, Nick is a graduate of the Marine Corps' Coldweather Training program :-)
He can survive in least I hope ;-)

So we're sitting here waiting on the blizzard.
We have a wood burning fireplace, stuff to make s'mores, and a fully charged ipad to play monopoly on (if we lose power).

So if you're reading this from another part of the country or world...
send us your prayers and good thoughts!
Bring it on, God! 
We got this!

Here's some photos from outside our house at 10am. It's only been snowing for about an hour at this point, and look at the snow cover!

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