Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Nemo

Oh, we found him!
He came to our house and is still hanging around this morning!
 According to the news this morning, Natick got 23 inches of snow.
If you can see in the picture below, we used to have steps on our porch...
Judging by our mailbox sticking out of the snow, I would say that it is about waist deep for me.

I think most of the power lines in our neighborhood are underground, so we got lucky and did not lose power like the other 400,000 homes in Massachusetts (Praise Jesus!).
This is the first official blizzard that New England has had since 2005, and the worst isn't over yet.
The coastal towns are still expecting a high tide to come in later this morning, and they have been evacuated to shelters closer inland.
It breaks my heart, because Hurricane Sandy just happened not too long ago, and right when all these people are getting their lives back together, another disaster is about to happen.
I'm sure they are getting lots of prayers, but you can never have enough prayers!

I did tell Nick this morning when we woke up that I was really enjoying being "snowed in" with him.
It's the only time I've seen him relax at home and just "veg out".
If you know my husband, he is a busy bee and can rarely sit still for a minute.
He's always doing something...whether it's fixing something, improving something, building something, or making something....the man can't sit still, and it drives me crazy sometimes!

Our snow day adventures continue, and I'll keep y'all updated as our weekend progresses!
Please pray for the families that are being evacuated from their homes in the coastal areas!

Before the snow came in, Nick went out and got D a Valentine's Day donut from Dunkin' Donuts, and a sweet card :-)

I made homemade hot chocolate. Melted 3 Hershey's bars, 3 cups of vanilla soy milk, and 1 cup of marshmallows....heavenly.

Nick enjoying his double chocolate stout while working on his ghillie suit.

Homemade hot chocolate in her "fancy glass"

Enjoyin' a cup o' joe together.

No snow day is complete without a homemade living room fort, Hotel Transylvania on the big screen, and s'mores!

This wind was blowing pretty ridiculous last night, so we let D "camp out" in our bedroom in her Dora the Explorer tent.

My crazy husband (who obviously was not thinking straight) was originally going to head outside in 3 feet of snow wearing JEANS! Lucky for him, he is married to a brilliant wife (me) who suggested he wear his Marine Corps cold weather gear that is warm and WATERPROOF! 

My superhero husband walking across the street to shovel snow for our neighbors.

D was having a heart attack that Nick was outside "playing" in the snow, so instead of dealing with her meltdown, I suited her up, and sent her outside to help daddy shovel.

 Is it sad that my 3 year old has probably shoveled more snow than me? I am making it my personal goal to never shovel snow as long as we are living here.

And of course, my husband, child, and dog are the only crazy people playing in the worst blizzard Massachusetts has had in 8 years.

 Dozer was totally freaked out by the shear deepness of the snow. He didn't know what to do with himself.

 Knee deep...on a side that yellow house not the cutest house ever! I love it!

Attempting snow angels...

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