Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trying to Like It

I'm trying really hard to like it here.
I'm doing the best I can to make the best of it.
I mean, we are "stuck" here for AT LEAST the next 3 years.
I keep telling myself that it's just temporary, and this is not our "forever" home.
But nothing about this state, this city, this place makes me truly happy.
The weather is awful.
I am what I would consider "tropical".
I grew up in the hot humid summers of Texas, and spent the majority of my adult life so far in sunny Southern California.
Too me, any temperature below 40 degrees was a cold dose of reality that I never wanted to ever be a part of.
But here I am...
In one of the most northern states in the United States...
The snow is depressing (it's only fun for like a day...and it's cold.).
The roads are nasty.
The cost of living is ridiculous (and this is coming from someone who just moved here from Orange County, California).
We haven't found a church to call home (the past few Sundays, we've kind of just given up on finding a church...).

I have tried to look on the bright side...
I am no longer in a job that I hated going to.
I get to spend all day with my princess and make up for all kinds of lost time with her.
My husband is non deployable, and I have him home almost every night.
We live in a gorgeous neighborhood in a highly desirable Boston suburb.

I totally understand why a lot of Marines from the northern parts of the US (where it snows and gets ridiculously cold in the winter) choose not to move back home when they get out of the Corps...

I really hope the Spring and Summer brighten my mood up a little bit.
I would much rather dislike Massachusetts for 4-5 months of the year (the winter months) than the entire 3 or so years we are here.

I am really enjoying the family time...even if we spend most weekends indoors.
We did manage to get out of the house last weekend to take Dannika to Disney On Ice's Rockin' Ever After (Nick's Valentine's Day gift for D).
 I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid, and I was so excited to take Dannika.
The experience hasn't changed one bit since I went (probably in 1991).
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this show for anyone with toddlers over the age of 3 1/2.
The show is 2 hours long with an intermission in between, so if you have a child who can't sit still through anything, I don't recommend it.
I saw some pretty miserable mommies and daddies here who had screaming kids throwing tantrums.
Clearly...a 2 year old is too young for anyone to expect to sit through a show with pyro and theatrical smoke...

The over priced souvenirs, ridiculously expensive food, and the crowd was all worth it.
Seeing the smile on D's face and the excitement of seeing all her favorite Disney stars was worth the $$$.
The things we do for the happiness of our kids...

D and her daddy with her 22 dollar light up wand...yeah...22 bucks.

Nick got VIP seating for us. We were so close to the ice!

At least the 12 dollar cotton candy came with a cheap princess crown (that D wore through the entire show).

Having a discussion about the show so far with daddy during intermission.

 The show was a success...she passed out as soon as we got in the car!


  1. Disney on Ice looks so fun! I think Charlotte is almost at the age that she could sit through it. I'll have to take a look at their schedule to see if they are coming out here any time soon!

    I know how you feel about not really liking a place. As beautiful as Monterey is, I pretty much hated it last summer. If summer is what you can call what we had. I am a Texas girl too, and I like my summers warm - not cold and foggy. Thankfully, the fall was a lot better, and even though I'm not totally sold on the weather, I'm still making the most of our time here. And being thankful that we won't be here forever! ;)

  2. @Jenny @ Creatively Blooming

    I have a good friend who's husband is getting stationed in Monterey towards the end of summer. I'd love to have her hook up with you! She's extremely crafty, and I know she doesn't know anyone there!


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