Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts and 29

We took D to our church's Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.
As cute as we both look, we were F-REEZING!
I swear it was 25 degrees and the wind chill was ridiculous.
This was definitely a first for us.
Before this past Saturday, I can honestly say, I have never hunted for Easter eggs in the snow.
Ah...the things we do for our kids.
Once D started looking for eggs, she forgot all about the cold and ended up having a blast.
I guess in the end, that is all that matters.

I bought D a cute little Easter dress this weekend to wear to church next Sunday, and I don't care how cold it is, she is gonna wear that darn dress and like it!
No one makes cute "Winter Easter dresses", so D will be in her cute Springy Easter dress in the Winter weather of New England.

Before y'all go all crazy on me...I did buy her some tights and a cardigan to wear with her dress.

With all the crazy Easter Egg hunts, pretty dresses, and Easter candy going on, I hope and pray that people don't forget the real meaning of Easter.
If you've never truly heard the story of the Passion, it's a heart breaking, gut wrenching, and painful story with one of the most beautiful beginnings (not ending) of everlasting life. 

Just remember, if it weren't for Jesus, there would be no Easter, creepy Easter bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and Cadbury eggs.

So before you take your kids out on the Easter egg hunt, take a moment to talk to them about why we celebrate Easter.

And yes, I am the big TWO NINE today :-)
Thanks for all the Facebook love.
I truly am one lucky gal to live the life I live.

Random pics from our Weekend...

My Jeep! Washed for the first time since November! Seriously, the snow, slush, salt, and crappy Winter make it hard to keep a black vehicle clean here during the snowy months!

 D's Easter basket

Ready for church!

18 week baby bump. I'm barely showing. I was wearing full blown maternity clothes with D at 15 weeks!

My husband FINALLY retired his Blackberry and got an iPhone5! He has the black one, and I got the white one! We can send emojis to each other now, and most importantly, Facetime. I think I shall Facetime him from now on instead of call

I've never been a scarf person, but ever since moving out here, I have become an avid "scarf wearer".

Have a blessed week!

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