Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Photos

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for the Congrats and well wishes!
We are super excited to have a little boy in our family!
My poor dad who got stuck with my mom, two daughters, a pomeranian, and two granddaughters is obviously very excited to have a grandson! 
Not that there is anything wrong with the women and girls in our immediate family, but that's a lot of estrogen for my dad to handle at once!
The only downside is that our house is taken over by an extremely girly 3 year old and almost everything that she is influenced by in our home is either pink, flowery, or extremely girly. 
I'm also a little upset about the giant wardrobe that does not fit D anymore can not be passed down (unless Nick doesn't mind his son wearing pink...I mean come on...we are in Boston after all ;)

The weather forecast keeps changing here from snow, to rain, to no snow, to whatever! 
I figured today was my chance to get D outside in her Easter outfit to take some photos!

Also, I never watermark my photos because my blog isn't a business or anything of that sort, but I read another blog recently where a woman had photos of her family off her blog stolen and used in ways she did not appreciate.

So, until I get a blog make over redone, I'll just go with putting my blog header in corner of all my photos that I post until then.
Yes, I realize my watermark should be bigger and cover some part of the photo.
I'm working on it!

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