Friday, March 15, 2013

Keep the Romance Alive

Since becoming a stay at home mom after a 10 year career as a Marine, I always pictured myself as being the Asian June Cleaver.
While my husband went to work every day, I wanted him to come home to a spotless house, a hot meal on the stove ready to eat, a bathed toddler, and me looking glamorous as ever.

I'm sure all my stay at home mom friends just read that and laughed out loud.

Yeah...I'm laughing too, cause that sure as heck did not happen.
 What my husband ACTUALLY comes home to is a somewhat clean home with a few toys scattered about, a toddler with that afternoon's lunch still on her face, and I usually have my wet hair up in a clip wearing an over sized Marine Corps t shirt with my flannel PJ bottoms.

He does ALWAYS have a home cooked meal ready for him to eat in the oven or on the stove, AND THAT, my friends, is something I take GREAT pride in (especially knowing the guys at his work are jealous of him :-). 

On the weekends, when we go grocery shopping or run errands, I normally don't look all that put together either. 
I am usually out the door in a pony tail, some moisturizer on my face, my leggings, and Ugg boots.

I was thinking today how "slobbish" I feel and look most days, and being prego doesn't help the situation.
I'm at that awkward stage where I don't look pregnant, and I look like I've just gained a few pounds....blah!
As body conscious and health conscious as I am, this is not a look I am comfortable going out in!
I have asked my husband a million times if he cares that I don't make much of an effort in my appearance on a normal basis, and he always gives me the same, "I think you always look beautiful." answer.
While that answer makes me smile, and makes me thankful for such a loving husband, I think he deserves a little more effort from me every once in a while.

Well today is Friday, and my husband is taking off from work early to take me to my doctor's appointment.
I decided to actually make an effort in my appearance for him (like I used to when we were dating and newlyweds).
Again, for a doctor's appointment, I would normally just put some moisturizer on my face, throw my hair up in a bun, throw on my Uggs, and be out the door.
But today, I did my make up, put on some red lipstick, my boots, and I'm ready!
I honestly feel like a million bucks!
And red lipstick always makes a girl feel glamorous!


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