Monday, March 18, 2013

PT, PT...

A lot about me has changed in the short time I have been a veteran, but the one thing that remains constant in my life is my passion for health and fitness.
To me, it's not just about vanity (although, I do love the way I look in a pair of great fitting jeans when I am at my fittest), but it's about being healthy and feeling good.
If you know me, you know the struggles I've had with various injuries from my years and years of running long distance without the proper weight training to sustain my constant strain and pounding on my knees. 
My knee injury was a huge factor in my discharge from the Marine Corps, and the damage is so bad, that there's really no "cure" for what I've done to it.
So while my days of going on my daily 6-10 mile runs are over and kaput, I have found other great ways to stay fit and feeling great.
Spinning and Crossfit are my two FAVORITE things EVER, and I'm lucky to have my own spin bike and Crossfit equipment in the comfort of my own home to work out.
To be honest, these two types of work outs that I prefer now are so much better for my body than running constantly, and I've seen better results as far as tone and muscle.
It also makes my life "mommy" friendly and way easier than joining a gym with a 3 year old.
I don't like going by gym child care hours because I like to work out when I want to work out...sometimes it's at 0800 and sometimes it's at noon! 
This is one huge adjustment from my past life.
I used to go the gym during my lunch break at work at the on base gym without having to worry about my daughter since she was in preschool. 
It's also important to me that my daughter learn from an early age the importance of staying fit and healthy.
She's at an age where she emulates what she sees everyone else doing, and I am hoping that her constantly seeing my daily routine of hitting my work out every day will become normal for her life as well.
She's already a great little work out buddy, and loves to lift weights with me!

I plan on continuing with the same level of intensity of work out throughout my pregnancy!
I was the crazy, 9 months pregnant lady running 3 miles of hills just days before I gave birth...seriously!
I can't wait to see what my body allows me to do throughout this one!

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