Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Quest to Find a Church

The quest to find a church to call home is OVER!

This post is a continuation of this blog post that I wrote last week.

This last Sunday, our family went to check out Connect Community Church.

Just a little refresher on how we found this church...
I found this church was after a night of insomnia.
Because of my body's unwillingness to slumber one evening, I decided to pray (something I had not been doing diligently for several months), and then I decided to Google churches again (something I had spent countless hours doing already when we moved out here).
CCC was the FIRST church that popped up on my Google search that evening. 
If you really want to WHOLE story, go back and read my extremely long blog post.
As I wrote previously, I felt like this church was "the one" even before I stepped foot in it, and last Sunday our whole family got out of the house and went on our journey to try yet another new church.

As soon as we stepped foot in this church last Sunday, I immediately knew that I had "hit the jackpot".
The atmosphere of the church, the people, the worship...
Everything just felt right, and for the first time since moving here, I felt the exact same feeling I felt every Sunday when our family went to church in California at PCC.
For those who have never attended church, it's hard to explain the feeling of going to "your church".
Every other church our family tried going to out here, we felt like we were in someone else's home...a stranger's home.
The minute we walked into CCC, we felt at home....FINALLY!

I honestly feel that if this church failed the meet our needs, I probably would have lost all hope or would have REALLY REALLY been discouraged, and I think God knew this.

In the end, our family FINALLY found a home of worship!
Now that I think back at our last few months here, I really learned a lesson in patience and trusting God.
Please pray that our family gets plugged into a small group soon and involved more with ministry!
We're super duper excited!

Just some pics from the last week...

We all know about D's lack of hair growth. She was born completely bald, and her hair has grown in at a snail's pace (as both her mommy and daddy's hair did when they were kids). I finally decided she needed a little trim because her hair was growing all awkward and uneven everywhere, so the two of made a trip to the beauty salon to get our "hair did".

She is such a girly girl! She was SO excited to be getting all "done up".

TADA! Not much changed, but it's definitely a lot more "cleaned up".

I have been waiting for the day when I got out of the Marine Corps so that I could change my hair and do something completely out of Marine Corps hair regulations. So, here's my new do! I decided to put a few bright chunks of highlights at the top of my head! I love it!

Getting ready to go to church for the first time in MONTHS!

Just some holy inspiration from church. Another thing that has stuck in my head from the sermon was that the "church would be the world's last hope". I really felt that this message was powerful. With the way the world looks right now and the state of our country, the one thing that is constant is God's love, and I really hope that when things get REALLY BAD, people start finding hope in church again.

One the best preschools here in Natick is Natick Preschool. There is such a high demand to get into that school that they do a lottery to get in. Dannika's name got chosen to start in September! Before anything, she had to go to a screening and take a test to make sure she was where she needed to be developmentally. Can I just say, SHE KILLED IT! They were SO impressed that a 3 year old knew what a trapezoid was, could spell and write her own name, knew every single one of her upper and lower case letters, and had such polite manners (thank God for Southern parenting...yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir!). 
Here she is getting ready to check out her new school and test!

So the preschool is attached to a wing of the high school. This school is freaking AMAZING! Every single high school kid gets issued a Macbook (paid for by taxes), and the preschoolers get Ipads...SERIOUSLY!

I think Nick and I were more nervous about her testing than she

I think it was just pregnancy hormones, but I had a nervous breakdown yesterday about our washing machine. Our family spent a good chunk of cash on a state of the art front loading washing machine a few years ago. Everyone told us not to get them because they have severe mold and mildew issues, but I ignored everyone and got one anyways. I AM REGRETTING THIS DECISION NOW! After my nervous break down, my patient and loving husband came home from work early to take apart the washing machine, remove the moldy and mildewy rubber seal, remove the drum, and clean out ALL THE GROSSNESS (IT WAS REALLLY REALLY GROSS!). I love you, dear husband.

Our house has two living rooms, so we decided to convert one of them into a dining room and converted the dining room into a new playroom for D (and the new baby).  I love this arrangement because I can watch her while I cook in the kitchen, and I can see her from the living room. Her playroom that was upstairs will now be the new baby's room. No worries folks, we still have an extra bedroom in the basement if you come to visit!

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!

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  1. Great looking haircuts! And wow, that preschool sounds amazing! How hard was it for your husband to clean out the washer? Ours has done the same thing. It was fine while we lived in Virginia, but it is so damp here in Monterey, that it has gotten nasty. Hope you're having a great week, and so glad you guys found a church home!


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