Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back From Blog Vacay

First...something to make you chuckle (if you have kids...lol)
Last week was a little crazy in our neck of the woods with the tragedy that happened in Boston.
I didn't have much motivation to blog about something happy when such tragedy was happening all around me.

I woke up in a crabby mood on Friday, so when I got a text from hubby saying he was coming home from work at 0800, I seriously thought he was coming home from work cause I was in a crabby mood! lol.
After turning on the news, my crabby mood turned more somber, and I was just thankful that my husband was being sent home where we could all be together.

I love Pinterest.
My problem is that I pin EVERYTHING, and never do ANY of the things I pin.
I KNOW, I am not the only person guilty of this. 
I actually followed through with a "pinterest pin" that I have seen pop up a few times.
I painted my pantry door with chalkboard paint!
I LOVE it!
Right now, it serves as my "prayer door" on various things that I need to pray more about.

Another project that hubby did for D was make her a costume out of some boxes.
Not something I picked up from pinterest, but it's "pinworthy"!
 I would say it was pretty creative!
He just taped up some boxes with white duct tape, and voila...instant costume!
D loved it, and a week later, she still puts it on and pretends she's a robot.

Last week, we had some GORGEOUS Spring weather.
(Today, it's blah)
Anyway, I decided to get out of the house and take D to go play some mini golf...just the two of us.
I really enjoyed the day because it really made me be thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.
These are things I've always wanted to do when working, and was always envious of my friends who got to do all these fun things...on a Wednesday afternoon.

Future Tiger Woods?
 Not so much...
The few times I taught her out to properly hold a club were the only good pics I go of her with "good form". The rest of the time, she held the club more like a croquet stick (see below).

And lastly...
My 22 week "Baby Bump" pic.
 People tell me I'm carrying high. I can't tell. I felt like my daughter carried the same way.

So far, everything is good, and baby Mattis is still a boy!
I still work out 5 times a week and I jog on the weekends.
I feel a little silly jogging around my neighborhood with a belly all out there...lol.
Oh well. 

Hope everyone had a good week to look back and just reflect.
Tomorrow is never promised.

And a message from my church this past Sunday that I feel is important to share.
First of all...
Forgiveness is something we ALL need as humans, but NEVER deserve.


"If God intervened and prevented bad things from happening, he'd be taking away one of the most powerful gifts he gave humans....choice and/or freedom....free will."


  1. LOVE the prayer board and you look fantastic!

  2. I tend to Pinterest a bunch of things and never do them as well. I need to get on that. I like the pin that you did!


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