Sunday, April 7, 2013

Filtering My Thoughts on Social Media

 It's no secret, I'm on social media (Facebook and Twitter) a lot.
Being in the Marine Corps, it's tough to keep up with everyone back home.
With friends moving to and from all over the place (thanks to military life), it's nice to have one place on the web where I can have ALL my people in one place!

I am a sucker for cute baby pics, pics of my friends kids, pics of my friends, pics of my friends doing random things, and I even enjoy looking at pics of food that some of my friends love to post.
I also love reading the daily ramblings, doings, and thoughts of my friends.

I am also pretty vocal on there.
While I TRY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to stay away from politics and controversial topics, sometimes, I throw in a little opinion from time to time (usually starts a heated debate, and I either delete the post altogether or ignore it).

I have a tendency to blurt things out on social media without thinking, and sometimes most of the time it doesn't come out as intended.
You can't exactly type your emotions onto the computer screen.

Wow! Thanks a lot for inviting me!

One person can read and interpret it as me showing gratitude to someone for inviting me to "whatever".
Another person can read that and interpret it as sarcasm towards someone who did not invite me to "whatever".

I also tend to overgeneralize a lot of things on social media, and a lot of people take it really personal. 

Fact: I never post anything that is specific to anyone without either tagging them or mentioning them by name. If I don't mention a name, it's a generalization.

 I posted this yesterday on facebook, and it "irked" a few people (thankfully just a few and not a lot!).
This offended a few people (the ones that like to post their motivational work out and crossfit memes).
Maybe I shouldn't have posted it at all, and quietly "hid" those people's posts from my newsfeed.
Actually, yeah...that's what I should have done, but I didn't...too late.
I don't want to "unfriend" all my friends who post these things! 
That is ridiculous because A LOT of my friends actually post these "memes".
I love all my friends for different reasons...their quirkiness, kindness, humility, sense of humor, etc. etc. etc.
I was just noticing a LOT more of those "workout inspiration" posts on my newsfeed with a bunch of ripped, fit people....not what a pregnant girl who feels fat wants to look at.
I'd rather just see actual photos of my awesome and fit friends doing their WOD's, 5K's, half marathons, and marathons.
I want to see posts about the 18 mile run one of my friends went on this weekend, and her encounter with a rattlesnake while training :-)

So I said my piece.
Not intended towards anyone in particular...
 it was just in general.

My intentions are normally not mean spirited, arrogant, ignorant, or annoyed, but I can see how sometimes it came be perceived as such.
It's just so hard to put your emotions into your posts, and some things need to be said with a certain tone of voice for it to really get a point across.

For people who know me in person know that I am really talkative and vocal in real life...just like I am on social media.

I love social media, and I'm very proud of my family.
I like letting people know about the awesome things my 3 year old does, and I like posting pictures of my family...because I truly am proud and totally blessed.
I just want to share a little of my joy with the world.
I just as much love it when my friends on social media invite me into their little world and share their families, friends, thoughts, and ramblings to me...even things I don't agree with.
I feel privileged to have such a diverse group of friends from all walks of life.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Check out D and her wild hair!

D is quite the fashionista. She picked this entire outfit out herself...hat and Easter basket included!

The sad sad pup.

My weekend pinterest project. I painted my pantry door with chalkboard paint! I can't wait to start writing on it!

Before church this morning

Man and his dog


  1. I hope you didn't think I was offended just because I said it doesn't bother me, because I wasn't :) Just wanted to weigh in! I didn't notice anyone get offended, that's silly of them though! They should post whatever they want, its their Facebook. I have some friends who post things I don't like (like calling all Democrats stupid) but I just do my best to ignore it. Not that I haven't wanted to post a status about that before haha

    1. Haha! No I didn't think you we're offended! I had a friend unfriend me! I thought it was a little ridiculous. I just wanted people to know I wasn't coming from a place of bad intentions!

  2. I hope to continue using it. We shall see whether get instagram followers free fast it becomes my new Twitter (where wonderful things happen) or whether it goes down the same path as my Squidoo account... which I haven't visited in over a year. All bets welcome.

  3. It's no secret, I'm on social media (Facebook and Twitter) a lot.
    Being in the Marine Corps, it's tough to keep up with everyone back home.

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