Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yesterday, I felt super "stay at home momish". 
Since moving here, I have only taken D to story time once.
I do 90% of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and on Wednesdays, they host a story time and a healthy snack for kids.
There were like 5 kids and it was noisy...
They didn't read any really good books.
I guess the positive thing we got out of it was that D got to eat some free cuties!

So today, I Googled a local public library (hilariously called the "Bacon Free Library") and saw they were having a story time this morning at 10.
So off we went.
We pulled up in downtown Natick (never been here).
Cutest little downtown ever!
Very old buildings.
Lots of history.
Adorable library.

The story time would have been great, but I forgot that I don't have a typical 3 year old.
D is very attentive, girly, can sit still, and well behaved in public.
I get that this is not typical 3 year old behavior.
She didn't really go through terrible 2's or 3's. 
I do feel that my husband and I are pretty strong disciplinarians, and rarely let her get away with anything...I blame that on the "Marine" in BOTH of us.
I sometimes have to stop my husband and remind him that she is our child and not one of his recruits or his Marines.
I feel like I haven't built up a tolerance or patience for typical toddlers because I'm so used to my own. 
I never spent much time on play dates or story times with other people's children because I was a working mama.
When I got off work, I picked up my kid, and it was just us two (since Nick was deployed/gone most of the time)!
I honestly wanted to discipline every single kid there.

I'll be the first the admit, I was judging....
I bad....
I tried really hard not to give dirty looks to the other moms there.

I am NOT one to judge anyone's style of parenting (unless they're like completely neglecting their children).

I was really more frustrated because my daughter was getting frustrated with the little boy (about her age) that kept kicking her seat, and bothering her when she was trying to hear the story.

I wanted to tell his mother to control her son because he was bothering my child. 
I wanted to "knife hand" her...lmao. 
(If you don't know what a "knife hand" is...just google "Marine Corps knife hand")

People have told Nick and me that we are too hard on our child, and that we need to loosen up.
Those same people compliment us all the time on how well behaved and polite she is.
  Please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, and no ma'am...she uses all of those at 3 years old...I know grown adults who can't use those simple phrases!

It's like a double edged sword.

 I think once I spend a little more time with other moms on play dates and story times, I'll learn to be a little more tolerant.
I know I'm being a teeny tiny bit irrational...??
I hope this post doesn't offend or upset anyone because that is NOT my intention.
I'm just writing about my lack of patience and my flaws as a new stay at home mom (who is a former Marine who never had to be tolerant or patient with Marines) who's never really been around other people's children.

Give me a break here!

I get ultrasounds every two weeks because I am a medium risk pregnancy. I had a procedure called the LEEP after I had Dannika on my cervix. It puts me at risk for a thinning cervix with future pregnancies, so lucky me...I get to see my baby every 2 weeks! HE is still a HE!

My pinterest project is complete! My chalkboard pantry door. I love it!

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