Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Transitioning Out of the USMC

Another gorgeous day in New England...

 People always told me before I moved out here that I would grow to really appreciate the Spring and Summer.
I didn't realize how much truth that would hold until now!
I have never wanted to bask outside in the sun so much in my entire life until I went without it for five miserable months!

Yesterday, my hubby came home from work early to enjoy a little of the afternoon with D.
We live walking distance to a gorgeous lake, and he's been itching to get his canoe out on the water.

 It was a gorgeous afternoon. Even though there were no ducks out to feed like D had hoped (they took some bread out on the canoe to feed them), I think she really enjoyed just being on the peaceful water with the only man in her life :-)

 I am obsessed with the panorama feature on my iPhone5 :-) I'm actually just obsessed with my iPhone5 in general.

With all the gorgeous weather we've been having, it's finally boosted my mood.
I finally feel calm and at peace about living here instead of resentful and depressed.
With all the negativity I have been experiencing about being in New England, I realized yesterday how much more bearable this Winter could have been if I would have been a little more positive (this may be just the Vitamin D boost speaking).

Just to clarify...I would NEVER EVER EVER want to live here permanently. :-)

Transitioning out of the military for anyone is tough.
I have several friends who are in the process of doing this right now as we speak, and I'm sure all of them can tell you, it's no cake walk.
No amount of transitioning classes or preparation can really truly prepare you for the "real world".
I am EXTREMELY EXTREMELY blessed that I got out without having to worry about how I was going to support my family.
I'm one of the few Marines who are married with a family that did not have to think about finding a job, health insurance, and a new place to live after getting out.
I was lucky enough to be married to an amazing and hardworking man with a steady career in the Marine Corps, and is headed towards retirement.
Without him, my new life as a stay at home mom wouldn't be possible, and I am thankful everyday for this blessing.

So for me, it was never the financial issue of getting out.
For me, it was going from being a full blown career woman in a "not so average" career to being a stay at home mom.
The change is so ridiculously drastic!
Sometimes, I sit back and wonder what the hell I am doing?!
I question if this is really the life I wanted.

How did I go from being in charge of millions of dollars worth of government equipment and young Marines to being bossed around by a 3 year old all day?

It's times like this I truly have to sit back and reflect on all those times I had to force my child to be up at zero dark thirty to get her ready for daycare, so that I could make it to work at a decent time.
I have to remember the times I used to sit in the hangar at work in sweaty cammies and combat boots, wishing I was outside enjoying the gorgeous California sun with my daughter at the playground.
I have to remember the days I used to be jealous of all my friends who got to stay at home with their children all day, while I was forced to go to a job that I was beginning to hate.

Beautiful days like today truly make me realize that this IS the life I wanted, and I am thankful and blessed every single day that I have a hardworking man in my life who affords me this opportunity.


  1. We definitely think of being home with our kids as a blessing. Sometimes I forget too. But I do see the benefits and I am glad it has worked for us so far. Good luck to you with the transition! And enjoy your beautiful spring weather!

  2. I'm enjoying the sunshine too. What state are you guys in?

    1. We are in Massachusetts right outside of Boston! Where are y'all at?

  3. That is a pretty lake.

    Our weather is going to be icky tomorrow. Freezing rain. Boo.

  4. Sounds like the weather has really helped your whole perspective!


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