Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 Sleeps and a Wake Up...

Until D & I get to go home to my parent's house and be spoiled by my mama and daddy!
The days are dragging by sooo sloooow.
There are only so many things that I can cram into a week with my little one to pass time.
Here's some randomness on today's blog.

I'm a "work-out-a-holic", and pregnancy has never stopped me from my normal work out routine. 
My last pregnancy, I was running 3 miles and doing hill work outs up until around 3 days before I gave birth!
This pregnancy has been no different as far as my work out regimen goes.
The biggest difference is the fact that I can't run as often or as much because of my knee surgery and hip issues, and when I DO run, I am pushing my almost 40lbs toddler in a jogging stroller.
I cycle and do light crossfit work outs 5 days a week, and I run 3 miles on Saturdays, and another 3 on Sundays.
I happen to live in an extremely "hilly" neighborhood.
This past Sunday, not only were the hills and pushing a kid in the jogging stroller kicking my butt, but there was horrible wind that I was up against!
So here's my smiling face post run....happy because that horrible run was over!!!!

Ever heard of the "Daddy doll"?
It's basically the greatest idea ever!!!!
You send in a full length photo to the website that makes them, and they print the photo on a doll for you!
They're a huge hit with military kids with deployed parents.
The last time the hubby was in Afghanistan, my daughter took "daddy" with her EVERYWHERE.
He went out the eat with us, went to appointments with us, went grocery shopping with us...
Everywhere we went, she would introduce her "daddy" to strangers.
He got a lot of attention everywhere we went!
I hadn't really thought about bustin' out the old "daddy doll" this time since my husband is not in combat overseas. 
He's just a few states south of us, and we get to facetime and skype pretty often.
D brought him out yesterday, and wanted him to sit with her at the table while she had her afternoon snack.
Afterwards, she insisted he come with us to my doctor's appointment!
So our "unofficial daddy" is back!

After my pregnancy with D, I found out that I was at high risk for developing cervical cancer.
I had a procedure done called the LEEP (google it if you want details) in hopes to lower my risk of cc, and thank God, it totally cured me! 
 However, having that procedure done makes my cervix fragile when it comes to pregnancy.
So with this pregnancy, my doctor had me coming in every two weeks for an ultrasound to check my cervix, and make sure I wasn't at risk for major pre term labor.
If I were to become a risk, I'd be put on full bed rest until my due date....which means no working out....NO FUN!
It was awesome because I got to see baby M every two weeks on the ultrasound, but it started to become a real pain in the butt.
Yesterday, my doctor said that since there were no changes in my cervix, and I was now heading into my 3rd trimester, I was free and clear of any more ultrasounds until the last one before baby comes!
He also cleared me to go home for the 6 weeks I had already planned on :-)

And last...
Anyone else obsessed with the Real Housewives shows on Bravo?!?!
I only follow Orange County and Beverly Hills because I used to live in Orange County, and Beverly Hills is just 45 minutes north of the OC!
I am loving watching the new season of the RHOC, because I don't live there anymore.
I still get a glimpse into my old "hood".
I used to see the housewives ALL THE TIME around the OC when I would be out and about shopping, grocery shopping, pumping gas....wherever!
The OC's not a huge area!
I'm not the type of person who likes to run up to famous people and ask for autographs or pictures.
I feel like they just need some privacy.
However, a few years ago (2009), a bunch of us went out for Halloween to a bar and grill called the Beach Fire in Ladera Ranch, and ran into Tamra Barney!
She was there with her (now ex) husband Simon, and they were dressed as Batman and Batgirl. 
Maybe it was the cocktails I had, but I had no qualms that night about asking for a picture with her.
In fact, she hung out with us for a portion of the night!
She was so friendly, and let us take a ton of pics with her!
I was looking through old photos, and found this one of just Tamra and me.

I hope everyone else's week is flying by!
I'm sure y'all are looking forward to a (hopefully) long Memorial Day weekend!
For me, it'll just be any other boring weekend without the hubs!


  1. Those daddy dolls are wicked cool! I've never seen those, but then again - my hubby was only deployed once and it was right after 9-11, so maybe they didn't have those back then? It's a really cool idea, though.

    1. They are awesome! It's been great for separation anxiety for my daughter!


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