Wednesday, May 22, 2013

26 Weeks

How far along? I'm 26 weeks! hooray!

Total weight gain/loss: I STILL have no idea. I STILL refuse to look at the scale at the doctor's office, and I always ask the nurse to kindly not say my weight out loud (as I am standing backwards on the scale. I eat really healthy, and I work out 7 days a week, and my weight has not been a concern with my OB/GYN yet, so I am content!

Maternity clothes? I finally got to the point at about 23 weeks in pregnancy when I absolutely NEEDED to buy maternity clothes. At home, I'm in work out gear most of the time. When I leave the house, I am in maternity crop pants (Jessica Simpson makes some AMAZING ones) and maternity tanks. I have a few maxi dresses that I like to wear to church!

Stretch marks? Still none! I didn't have any with D either. I have really good skin from my mom, and it's not prone to stretch marks. I consider myself very lucky.

Sleep: I sleep great! I can still lay on my stomach for the most part. I'm now showing as much as I did with D.

Best moment this week: Going in for my LAST ultrasound before the one before baby comes! I got to see his little mouth moving! So precious.

Miss Anything? I miss my abs and a good vodka martini.

Movement: Yup! He moves around a lot at night (uh-oh). I saw in the ultrasound that he is sitting straight up and down which would explain why every time his little legs kick or move, I feel it in my bladder/buttocks area.

Food cravings: I don't really have intense cravings. However, yesterday, I was craving some really bad Chinese food (like Panda Express). Everyone who knows me knows how much I despise fast food/greasy food/unhealthy food. D and I went to the mall to get some....I felt yucky and gross after my craving was fulfilled.

Symptoms: Maybe this is TMI, but I have really bad incontinence. Bladder control has gone out the window. On the brighter side, I have been blessed with BOTH of my pregnancies when it comes to morning sickness. I've never had either!

Have you started to show yet: 26 weeks. People still sometimes give me "the look". You know....the one where they aren't sure if they should ask how far along I am or not.

Gender: still very much a BOY! Having these ultrasounds every 2 weeks has been a blessing. I make sure every time to have the tech confirm to me that he is still a HE.

Labor Signs: Too early!

Belly Button in or out? In! I don't think my belly button popped out till I was like 30 weeks with D.

Wedding rings on or off? fact, they feel looser around my finger!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I'm pretty happy for the most part. I'll be happier when I go home to Texas in a few weeks!

Looking forward to: Having a cocktail with my husband on our porch before the New England winter creeps up on us again!


  1. I peed my pants a lot too with my sons pregnancy. Oh well ;)

  2. We need a belly photo! Glad that this pregnancy has been a breeze so far. Hope it stays that way!

  3. I'm jealous that you still have no stretch marks. I think I got mine early on.

    1. My mom never got any with both my sister and me, so I consider myself blessed that I got her genes!

      Stretch marks can be beautiful too though! They're your "tiger stripes" and your badge of honor!

  4. And believe me, that New England winter will be here before we know it (insert sad face here). I love having 2 little boys - they are so much fun. With my first, I was about 5 months when I started showing, but with my second, I couldn't button my pants very early on and started wearing maternity clothes at about 12 weeks! Eeeek.


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