Thursday, May 9, 2013

Deep In The Heart

I am so freaking excited to be going home to Texas in a few weeks!!!
If I could, I would have left earlier, but I had too many things on my "to do list" to cross off before vacating my home for that long.
All I can think about is Blue Bell ice cream, Shipley's donuts, kolaches, BBQ, my mom's Korean food, and even the humid Texas weather (which I'm sure I will complain about once I get there).

I think I'm most excited that going home will help the summer fly by a little faster since hubby is gone.
After he completes his orders in VA, he's flying down to Texas to meet us in July to celebrate Miss D's 4th Birthday party!
I'm excited for her to have a big party with all my family and with Nick.
And I have a BIG, Korean fam who loves a good party!

It's also crazy to me that by the time I see my hubby again, our baby will be due in just over a month! 

So much going on this summer!!!
I just hope May flies by!!!


  1. Yay! I love Texas. My parents live there and I have to say, I LOVE HEB stores! They have the best bakeries.


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