Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FaceTime Parenting

One of my favorite things (amongst the million gazillion other things) that I love about my iPhone5 is Facetime.
It has totally changed the way my hubby and I communicate with each other when he is away (to include Skype). 

He "facetimed" us tonight just as D and I sat down for dinner.
I propped the phone on my dining room centerpiece, and it almost felt like a normal dinner with our entire family around the dinner table.
The conversation flowed while D and I ate dinner with "daddy".
After the conversation ended, I took my phone with me into the kitchen and continued my conversation with my hubby while I did dishes and cleaned up.
Hubby wanted to go for a quick run, so I hung up with him.
By now, my daughter was busy in her playroom watching a movie.
She had an absolute meltdown when she realized I had hung up without giving her a chance to say goodbye.
I quickly "facetimed" him back to give her a chance to say bye, and of course, I tried to rush her into saying bye so that my husband could go on his run.
My husband told me it was ok, and that he wanted to talk to her for a little bit.
I handed the phone to my 3 year old, and she was as happy as a lark.
She had "daddy" (my phone with hubby on Facetime) sitting on a chair in her playroom, and she was going to put on a new movie for him to watch with her.
I sat there and watched her for a minute while tears welled up in my eyes.

I just kept thinking how this can't be normal for a 3 year old to think it's normal to spend time with her father on a silly iPhone. 

For more than half of her short life so far, this has been her normal.
She has thrived and grown into such a happy little girl.
If you didn't know her situation, you would never know that she had an amazing father whom she's had a relationship with via Skype and Facetime for the majority of her life.

It kind of breaks my heart, but at the same time, I am so thankful for technology. 

Feeling pretty blessed today for Steve Jobs...lol.


  1. We are SO spoiled in this age.
    I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like to go weeks/months without hearing from your loved one.

    1. I know!!!! My first deployment to Iraq...there was no such thing as skype. I had a webcam. I can't believe I lived in a time before skype...lol.

  2. It is amazing what technology can do!

  3. I think its great that you are still able to keep in contact, in live time!! Webcams and Skype can get so glitchy sometimes -- but it seems like Facetime doesnt have the same issues!

  4. i love facetime, too! it's so convenient.

    stopping by and following from the walkabout hop.



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