Monday, May 13, 2013


I hope all my mommy blogger friend's Mother's Days were all FAB-U-LOSO!
I know a few of you have deployed husbands, but hopefully, someone made you feel special (even if it was on facebook)!
My husband has missed a lot of Mother's Days since we've been married, but no matter where he's at, whether it be Afghanistan or Virginia, he's always found a way to remind me that it is Mother's Day.

And what girl doesn't love flowers?! I LOVE THEM!
 (Please let me brag about my wonderful husband for a minute here)
In all reality, my husband makes me feel like it's Mother's Day every single day!
He treats me like his Queen
When he's home, he does dishes, laundry, bathes our daughter, and cleans without me even asking (without complaint).
His weekly ritual is cooking our family a homemade, made from scratch (healthy) pancake breakfast every single Saturday.
Some women only get breakfast made for them on Mother's Day, but I get it every week!
I could go on and on about how I feel like it's Mother's Day everyday for me, but I'll bore ya to death. 
 But he really is pretty amazing!

I felt extremely blessed at church, Connect Community Church.
They really made a mama feel good by offering massages, manicures, and delicious treats!
As a former career woman that worked in a "not-so-average" line of work, I never realized what an under appreciated job being a SAHM was until I became one!
As a Marine, I was recognized for my hard work by medals on my chest, awards on my walls, and praise from supervisors.
I never realized just how little appreciation comes with the "mom" territory, which is why THIS Mother's Day had a different meaning to me. 

I think oftentimes, as mothers, we beat ourselves up about not being adequate enough for our children.
It doesn't help that we now have Pinterest to make us feel even more inadequate at times!
I also struggle throughout the day to make the hours till bedtime meaningful, thoughtful, fun, and educational for my daughter.
Some days, I feel like she is being babysat by the TV because I have chores to do around the house that simply can't wait!

But at the end of the day, when my daughter reminds me at dinner to say grace (when I forget), it makes me smile.
I know that I am raising a Jesus loving child of God to the best of my abilities....
I am extremely lucky that I was chosen to to be the mother of my children and entrusted with such amazing gifts from God.
I fall short of God's glory every single day, but he's always there to pick me up, dust me off, and He  gives me a new day to try again. 

That's all we can really ask for, right?

Can you see my heart melting while reading this?!

I can't believe there was a time in military life before Skype and Facetime!

Mother's Day date watching "The Croods" together.

The reason why I get to celebrate Mother's Day :-)

And of course, my mommy gets a shout out too!
I know we all look like sisters, but my mom is in the middle :-)


  1. Isn't Facetime wonderful?! I seriously don't know how people survived before technology like this.

    Happy (late) Mothers Day! Looks like you and your daughter had fun and your family looks so much alike! :)

  2. Pretty flowers! I love getting them too.

    And we really enjoyed The Croods.

  3. are blessed!!!
    and thank you and your husband AGAIN! for your service.


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