Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Rude Neighbor

Not going into details since it's not necessary...
Our neighbor was going to do Nick a favor when he left for Quantico.
They told Nick that they took a few days off work to help us out.
Nick told them that it was not necessary for them to do that, and that we would find someone else.
They insisted saying that they NEEDED to take some vacation days that were saved up.
Reluctantly, Nick agreed while not feeling great that they took days off of work to help us out.

I was totally out of the loop on this arrangement (I had no idea they were taking days off of work to help us nor did I know many details....this was between Nick and them....not me).
The night before Nick left (at 8 in the evening), a change of events made it not necessary for us to need our neighbor's help anymore.

Nick forgot to call our neighbors to let them know we would not need their assistance.
If you read this post, you would understand that he was extremely busy getting the house ready for me before he left, it was probably the last thing on his mind to call them.
Either way, Nick was in the wrong to not inform them.

Yesterday, while playing outside with D, the neighbor asked me about the arrangements, and with a puzzled look on my face, I told him that their assistance was not needed anymore since we had a change of plans.
I figured Nick and told him.
He came back outside raising his voice at me and rudely told me how him and his wife had taken days off of work to help us and how they were losing money because of it.
He proceeded to say that they had been nothing but good neighbors to us, and that the least we could have done was call him.

(First off, they were friendly neighbors to us. They didn't do anything significant for us. They let us borrow their snow blower this winter, but Nick shoveled AND snow blowed their driveway for them...they invited us on a puppy play date in the park once...but as far as doing our family any favors or anything...I can't think of anything!)
All in front of my happy 3 year old who kept telling Mr. So and So "hello!"
I was in complete shock and speechless because...

1. I have never been talked to like that by a man (unless I was getting a good old fashioned Marine Corps @$$ chewing).

2. I seriously had no idea what he was talking about.

3. My innocent 3 year old was RIGHT THERE. You don't talk like that in front of a child.

The fact that he has a thick Boston accent made it sound even meaner and ruder.

I managed to blurt out an, "I'm soo sooooo soooooooo sorry."
Even though I had no idea what he was talking about.
He kept ranting and just hopped in his truck and took off.
Now I regret apologizing to him.

I was already having a pretty crappy day yesterday with Nick leaving...AGAIN.

If I wanted to be talked to like that by a man, I would have stayed my butt in the Marine Corps!
I did not spend 10 years busting my butt and being talked to like that on a daily basis to get out and be talked to like that by a "nasty civilian" who had NO idea what I was going through.

I called Nick (hysterically crying) when he had landed to tell him what had happened.
I did not appreciate being talked to like that, and I did not appreciate him taking up his beef with Nick with me!
Nick freely admitted that he was wrong for forgetting to tell him, and explained to me all the details (of which I still didn't know about up until this point).
At the same time, my "knight in shining armor" was furious that another man had talked to his Queen like that!

I calmed him down, because he was about to go off on this guy!
After all, it was Nick's fault any of this even went down....although it still didn't give him any right to talk to ME like that.
 I did not need bad relations with people we lived across the street from.
 Nick called him and apologized and explained everything to him.
I guess he wasn't very receptive.

We all make mistakes.
We are all human.
Heck...we even admitted we were in the wrong and apologized a gazillion times!

Either way...
I know Nick would never talk to another woman like that.
Most of the men in my life wouldn't.

Now I feel all awkward going outside to take the trash out or play with D.
I don't want to make eye contact with him or see him.



  1. Try not to let it get to you so! You guys did the right thing by apologizing. now the guy needs to man up and first off forgive you guys for being human and then apologize to you for loosing his cool. We all make mistakes he had a right to be frustrated but that does not make it ok for him to be out of line. Give it some time, most things like this blow over in time. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping it will blow over soon. I was just in a little shock.

  2. I'm sorry. I'd have been upset too. I can't believe how rude people are these days. Mistakes DO happen, as you said.

  3. Wow that is horrible! You guys really did nothing wrong. They insisted they take the day off and forgetting to call is no reason to yell at your neighbor. I'm sorry he was so awful to you!


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