Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Super Hero Daddy

It's no secret that Nick has missed a few Father's days (thanks to the Marine Corps).
But that has never stopped him from being an amazing father.
There are fathers who get to come home every night to their children, but I'm convinced that none measure up to the type of father that Nick is (but I'm a little biased).
While I could bore you with a million reasons why he's an amazing dad, I figured I'd just list a few things.
Here's Dannika's and my "Top 10" list...

1. I can count on my fingers how many times I had to wake up in the middle of the night when D was a newborn to feed or change her. husband did the majority of the late night feedings and changings. (Btw, this is something I never asked him to do...he just did it on his own)

2. Even when deployed or away, he always manages to find a way to make my life easier as a "single mom". He does everything to make sure that "fatherly duties" are taken care of or easier for me.

3. He makes pancakes from scratch with D, every single Saturday when he's home.

4. He has done dishes while wearing a princess crown at the request of our 3 year old. I have proof! (Don't worry, babe...I'll save ya the embarrassment)

5. I don't know how many fun work functions he has chosen to not attend because of things like Dannika wanting to play a round of mini golf in the afternoon with him.

6. When he's home, I've never had to get Dannika ready for bed. He does it ALL! He bathes her, brushes her hair (not, brushes her teeth, gets her dressed, and tucks her in.

7. In the words of Dannika, "He's my best friend!"

8. He has the most amazing patience when it comes to the "rough days" with Dannika. On days when I want to put her up for sale, he can calmly handle us both.

9. Less than 1% of daddies in the world can say they're a U.S. Marine!!!!!! I don't know too many daddies who fight terrorists during the day and have tea parties at night with their little girl!

10. Most importantly, he fathers on Godly principles. This makes him "perfect" to me.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there...

and a SUPER DUPER Happy Father's Day to my hubby!

I can't wait till we get to actually spend a Father's Day together again!


  1. love this! My Marine puts our girls to bed too-so sweet! less than 1%-so true! Have a blessed day!

  2. Super sweet post about your hubby!!


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