Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fear of the Unknown

**This post contains a lot of military and Marine Corps lingo, so if you're not familiar with some of the terms, I apologize in advance!! You can google anything you don't understand!**

I feel like in the (almost) 12 years that my husband has served in the Marine Corps, he's really done just about everything he has wanted. (he will hit his 12 year mark this July)
He has done things that some Marines either never try out of fear of failure, and/or just plain poor timing in their careers.
He's deployed on a MEU, he's done Iraq, and he's done Afghanistan.
He's  done a successful tour on the drill field, and he's had the opportunity to work with one of the Marine Corps' very first HIMARs battery.
He is now working with future Naval and Marine Corps officers at some of the world's most prestigious colleges (Harvard, MIT, Boston U, etc).
I'm not just saying this cause he's my husband, but he's been successful and very good at everything he has done.
He achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (E7) before he even hit his 11 year mark in the Marine Corps in an extremely slow promoting MOS (and made a lot of haters mad).
If you're familiar with the Marine Corps, the average time for a Marine to pick up Gunny is between 13 and 16 years (sometimes longer).

A few days ago, he told me about a huge career move he has been thinking about.
I don't want to go into details yet, since nothing is set in stone, but it's a big enough change to where it kind of scared me.
You would think by now, after serving in the Marine Corps for 10 years myself, I would be used to this whole "fear of the unknown", but really, I don't think you EVER get used to it.

I told him to pray about it before jumping into anything, and as a good wife should, I told him that I would support him no matter what.

He seems pretty sure after much prayer that this new "adventure" is where God wants him in the Marine Corps.

It's just scary because he's been so successful at the path that he's been on.
I'm afraid that this new path may not be what he thought it would be, and spend the rest of his career till retirement regretting it.

I guess I'm asking for a few prayers for my husband.
It's a lot easier to tell me to "just trust God".
I do trust him, but I just want him to show me right now that everything's gonna be alright...
I know that's not always how he works though....

Some pics!

Yes, she chose this pose...I don't know what we're gonna do with her!

Here I am at 30 weeks

I love the Houston Galleria mall. This is this giant indoor waterfall thing that they have. D thought it was pretty cool.

One of the best things about being home in Texas is mom's home cooking. Nothing beats home made Korean food!!

Funny dressed man I saw at the gym this morning. He was wearing a durag, sunglasses (indoors), a superman shirt, WWE style weight belt, and MC hammer pants. It made me chuckle.

Since hubby's not around the rub my big swollen prego feet, I enlisted the help of my 3 year old. 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!!!


  1. Praying for you guys. I hear you about the uncertainty of the Marine Corps and the career paths. It will all work out for the best!! And by the way you look amazing at 30 weeks!!!!

  2. You look amazing and omg the guy on the treadmill is hilarious.

  3. Prayers! I hope everything goes well with the choice!

  4. Thinking about you guys, and hoping that whatever path you choose, it works out for the best!

  5. Look how cute and pregnant you are. I had both of my boys in August, so I get how you must be feeling right about now.


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