Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Museum of Natural Science

One of the many, many things that I appreciate about Texas is the ease of access to everything.
Boston has wonderful museums and attractions to see, but it's a pain in the behind to go to.
First of all, parking in Boston is ridiculously expensive, and if you want to find cheap or free parking, you have to park a million miles away, and hike wherever you're headed....or worse...

You have to take the dreaded "T".

So because of that reason alone, D and I rarely go into the city.
But here in the good ole "Lone Star State", we don't worry about things like parking, and I don't think people here even know what public transportation is.

Last week, my mom and I took D to the museum of Natural Science.
We parked right in front of the entrance...FOR FREE.
Beat that, New England!!!!!!
We spent almost 3 hours there, and D LOVED it!

D is a big scaredy cat (like I am), and at first she was scared to death to go into the dinosaur exhibit, but after a few minutes of explaining to her that they were "nice dinosaurs", and that it was just the bones, she hesitantly walked in. 
I also threw in the fact that she loves Dino Dan on Nick Jr.
Once she got in, she had a blast!

The museum currently has the Ancient Egypt Exhibit visiting the museum.
Again, D was totally spooked by the mummies and scary tombs.
I coaxed her in, and she ended up enjoying it.

She wasn't afraid of the Early Americas exhibit.
she thought all the "Indians" were cool.

The trip was a success!
We didn't get to check out the planetarium or the butterfly garden, but plan on going back to cross those parts of the museum off of our bucket list.

I was pooped after walking around for 3 hours, so I could imagine what that must have been like for D!

I highly recommend that you check this museum out if you're in the Houston area!


  1. That place looks awesome. My boys would tear it up in there.

    1. Come to Texas!!! I'll take y'all there! Lol.

  2. We're planning on hitting that museum up when we're in Texas next month! I LOVED it as a kid, and I'm hoping my kids love it too!


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