Friday, June 7, 2013

Texas Livin'

We made it to Texas!
And praise Jesus, Dannika is the best traveller ever!
She was soooo good on the entire 4 hour flight here, and we got so many compliments from everyone!
I guess all the traveling we have done all over the place (thanks to the Marine Corps) has really paid off!
So far, we're totally content being hot and sticky!
I seriously never thought I would miss the heat and humidity down here, but I secretly do!

When my parents became empty nesters, there was no point in them to remain living in the house we all grew up in (in College Station). 
My dad's job is in Houston, so my parents recently sold our beloved College Station home, and moved to the city (AKA Houston). 
And when I mean city, they moved straight into the heart of Houston to the Galleria area where they are enjoying townhouse life in a gated community. 
While their new abode is GORG, it's not really a great place for kids because of the lack of a big backyard. 
But we are really enjoying being pampered!

My daughter could not and would not leave the house without "daddy", so he came along with us. He was a big hit on the airplane ride, and all the flight attendants thought it was the sweetest thing ever. D made sure to introduce him to everyone.

Not only is she a daddy's girl, but she's also a papa's girl!

The first thing I did when I got to my parent's house was check their freezer for the giant tub of Blue Bell ice cream. As always, every true Texas fridge has a tub of good ole Blue Bell!

We had some sprinkler fun to beat the heat.

And on our lovely grocery shopping trip, I had to pick up a few more pints of Blue Bell!!

We are loving Texas so much that I may not make it back to New England!
I love being around other people with southern accents.
In fact, I love that no one looks at me funny when I say things like, "I'm fixin' to do something" or y'all"!
I love Blue Bell.
I love my mama's cooking.

I just love the south :)


  1. Yay for being "home"! It's always nice to see family :) hope you have a great visit!

  2. Woohoo glad you made it safely.

    I'm in Oklahoma so we have lots of Blue Bell around too.


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