Friday, July 19, 2013

2nd Baby Syndrome

Tons of people have told me about second baby syndrome.
You know...
You don't give as much attention to detail to your pregnancy and second child as you did with your first.

As my hubby and I started shopping around for essential baby items, I instinctively went to the same brands and products I had with D.
Then I realized how outrageously priced these items were.
I looked at my hubby with my "OMG" face, and he just smiled and said, "You insisted on the 200 dollar pack and play when you were prego with D."
What's funny is that 75% of the "must need" features that came with that 200 dollar pack and play were left never used (like the detachable diaper changing station).

This went on for every other baby item that I looked at.
car seat. sheets. baby bathtub. stroller. shampoo. nothing but brand name clothes. diaper rash cream. Swarovski blinged pacifier with matching paci clip (I know...I know...) etc. etc. etc.
I seriously went and purchased THE most expensive baby essentials ever for Dannika!
*insert face palm*
What sucks is that we used to only want ONE child, so we got rid of most of D's baby items (by rid of, I mean either throw away or donate).
I probably could have sold most of it and made a hefty penny.
*insert face palm #2 here*

Every day, I walk into Baby M's nursery, and I have no desire to finish decorating it.
I mean, the crib is up....that's all that matters right?!
In fact, the other night, Nick and I spent a good portion of our evening redecorating D's room.
I also have the fear that D is going to feel "less loved" once the baby gets here, so I instinctively (but not intentionally) have been spoiling her rotten.
I know that I'm gonna love both my babies equally, since I already do.
I just don't want my first baby to feel any less loved.

Either way...
Sorry Baby M...
You will not have a Swarovski blinged pacifier,
a Burberry outfit,
the 200 dollar pack and play,
the outrageously expensive car seat/stroller combo,
a million outfits,
or the ridiculously priced newborn portraits that your sister had done.
You will have two parents who love you unconditionally,
a crib to sleep in,
clothes for the cold winter,
a big sister to teach you cool tricks,
and a father who's not going to be deployed for the first few years of your life.

I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me :-)

And for my "forever baby" and first born love...
You'll always be daddy's little girl....the one and only.


  1. I had the same worries when I was pregnant with my second. I even remember heading to the hospital in tears because I was worried my daughter would resent me for leaving alone and coming home with another baby. She is a great big sister, and although rough with her brother, they are the best of friends. I do the best I can to give each of them some one on one time. And try to keep things equal. If I buy an outfit for one, I get the other something too. I don't worry so much about how much I spent, but more about the thought!


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