Tuesday, July 16, 2013


True statement, right?
Sometimes, it seems like it's just easier to lie sometimes.
Especially when it comes to possibly hurting someone's feelings.

Our family went to have dinner at the Olive Garden last night (for their delicious and endless soup, salad, and breadsticks combo).
I was starving!
Then I completely lost my appetite...
After getting a whiff of our young waiter.
He seriously had horrrrribbllleee B.O.!
Every time he walked by our table, I felt like throwing up.

I wanted Nick to talk to the manager about our waiter's BO. 
He said that was cowardly, and wanted to politely confront him. 
I was horrified, so I stepped outside. 
Nick told our young waiter to sit down and told him, "Listen man, I used to work in the restaurant biz, and I can see you working really hard. But, I can smell you."

The waiter gave him a confused look, so Nick repeated, "I can smell you, man. No one else is going to tell you cause they're probably too embarrassed to, but I'm gonna do you a favor. You need to take care of that. Your tips probably aren't gonna be all that great tonight."

The waiter replied, "Ohh...that's probably why!"

He then thanked Nick (even calling him sir).

Lesson learned. Honesty is always the best policy...even if you risk hurting someone's feelings.

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  1. Your husband is a LOT braver than I am!! I'm always worried about saying something to someone because of how they might react!


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