Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jesus Will Make It Feel Better

It's amazing that my 4 year old reminds me every day about the power of God's love and healing.
Just an example of something that happened today...
We have these really sweet neighbors with a little girl that D loves to play with.
They welcomed us into the neighborhood when we moved in, and we've had dinner over at their house before.
They're an Indian family who are Hindu.
We've discussed religion with them.
They told us about their religion and we shared ours.
That's about as far as our discussion went, and we all get along in harmony.
Just as the bible says in Mark 12:31, "Love your neighbor as yourself." 
There's no discriminating or hating because we're different, because that's not what Christians do.
We show them the same kindness and love we show anyone else...Christian or not.

Today, while the girls were playing outside, our neighbor's little girl was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets (yes, it was horrifying for me to watch!).
Her father rescued her, and we all went into their home to make sure she was ok.
The little girl was crying uncontrollably, and automatically, Dannika's nurturing instinct came out.
She kept trying to give her a hug while screaming over and over again(over her hysterical crying), "Jesus will make it feel better!!!"
Her mom gave me an awkward look for a moment, and told Dannika, "oh, really? ok, then." 
For a moment, I felt slightly uncomfortable, awkward, and even embarrassed. 
After coming home and thinking about it, all I could think was, "why was I embarrassed?!"
My 4 year old was preaching about the healing power of Jesus with absolutely no shame, and here I was feeling all awkward.

It's amazing how much I learn every day from the innocence and pureness of my child.
If only my soul were as pure as hers.
I pray every day that it remains that way, and that she will never be ashamed to share the love and power of our amazing God.

"Do you hear what these children are saying?" they asked him. "Yes," replied Jesus, "have you never read, "'From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise'?"
Matthew 21:16

D had her 4 year well check last week! She's a healthy 38lbs, and 40 1/2 inches!

She received a princess tiara decorating kit for her birthday, so we spent the afternoon decorating tiaras.
 Of course daddy HAD to wear his.

Remember this post about "second baby syndrome"? Well, we finished redecorating D's room. I guess I can now start on the baby's nursery.............maybe.


Right after the "yellow jacket incident". Such a pure and innocent face.


  1. What a sweet girl! I love that she shared her faith. I love that kids feel so comfortable and unashamed to do that. I can take a few cues from her myself! the photo bomb!

  2. Oh my gosh - that is just precious! What a sweet girl sharing her faith! And Daddy's tiara rocks!

  3. I love that!!! Good for you, Mama, for teaching your children to share Jesus' love with everyone...that's what we're all called to do! :)


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