Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jungle Birthday Bash

Dannika was SUPER excited to be having her birthday party this year in Texas!
Instead of me pulling my hair out and planning a party at my parent's house, I decided to book a party at the Rainforest Cafe here in Houston in the Galleria Mall. 
Dannika fell in love with the restaurant (after being scared to go in at first), and I knew it was perfect.
It was SO easy, and SO nice to have someone else do most of the planning and details for me.
All of her new best friends from my parent's church and my "baby" cousins came to celebrate!
It was a perfect mix of friends, family, great food, great atmosphere, and loads of fun!

My best friend in Cali sent Dannika her own Hello Kitty edible arrangement!
Her party dress was ordered off HootyCutie on Etsy to go with her "jungle/rainforest" theme.

Dannika has had Sprinkles cupcakes for every single birthday since she was born!
It's become a tradition for her to have a red velvet cupcake from there every year.
I was sad when we moved to Boston because there were no Sprinkles up in New England, but it worked out for us this year because there is one in Houston!

I handmade, hand cut, and hand glued all the cupcake toppers using scrapbook paper, cardboard, and jungle themed scrapbooking stickers....all 36 of them.

My Birthday Girl!

The older kids were not all that thrilled to be included in the photo...if you can't

Overall, the party was a success, and we all had a TON of fun!
I'm still a little sad that my "baby" is now 4, but I'm so proud of who she is becoming!
Most importantly, I am SO thankful that my hubby got to spend this birthday with us as a family!

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  1. Glad you guys were all together for her birthday and that the party was a success!!


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