Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maternity Photos

I was seriously stressing out about maternity photos!
We just moved here to New England, and I didn't know any photographers, whereas in California, I felt like I had a rolodex of AMAZING photographers I could have used.
I browsed through a few photographers' blogs, websites, and social media pages here in New England, and the biggest thing for me was that I wasn't familiar with the area.
I couldn't get an idea of what sort of "scenery" I wanted.
I decided to wait till I got home to Texas to do a search for a photographer.
Even though my parents now reside in Houston (where I did not grow up), I still felt more "at home" and more comfortable with my surroundings in the great state of TEXAS!
I just love the southern hospitality down there, and because it's where I call home, I decided it was where I wanted my photos done.
I had such an AMAZING photographer for my maternity and newborn photos in Orange County that I wasn't sure if I would be able to find someone with quite the same level of talent and caliber.

After some tireless "google searching", I came across Tiffany Daniel Photography.
Looking through her work made me smile and get excited, and I knew right away that I NEEDED her to do my photos!

Let me tell you...
She did not disappoint!
I told her I wanted some photos that felt like "Texas", and I told her how much I loved the Houston skyline.
She found the perfect place for us, and as you can tell by the photos below, the scenery was gorgeous!
She was so fun to work with, and despite the RIDICULOUS Texas humidity and heat, she was patient, and still managed to make our photos look flawless.

Thank you so much, Tiffany for capturing this important moment in our lives through your lens!
I can't wait to be in Houston again as a family of 4 for some family photos with you!

These next few photos (of me in Nick's cammie blouse), I didn't realize I was standing in a fire ant bed! My feet were eaten alive, but I'm glad I got these great shots! I forgot how violent Texas fire ants were! Beauty is pain though, right?!


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