Monday, July 29, 2013

Prayer Life

Hubby and I went to a prayer breakfast at our church over the weekend.
It was a small class on prayer life, and answered questions that people had about prayer.
There are two things that stuck out to me from the class.

1. Prayer is two way communication with God.

2. One of the most common struggles that couples have in a marriage is praying together.

The first one is obvious...
Prayer is one of the most intimate forms of communication with Him.
I never feel like I talk to Him enough, and when I am talking to Him, I feel like all I am doing is asking Him for things.
This is something I'm working on.

Anyone else feel like that?

As for the #2...
That's something that I have been working on daily, and praying about of course!
I consider myself a "quiet and to myself" kind of prayer girl. 
I don't like praying out loud in front of people or groups, and that includes my husband. 
I just feel awkward and uncomfortable.
I like the conversation with God to be just Him and me.
However, I do know that praying together as a couple is important and a way to bring us closer together to God.

So this week, I'm going to make a conscious effort to pray together with my husband once a day.

I'm hoping it becomes so natural that it becomes habit.

Especially with such big changes about to happen (baby) and possibly happen (his career) in the next year, I think it's important that we pray together.

How is your prayer life as a couple?


  1. Honestly, we aren't terribly religious. But we are respectful of one another.

  2. Praying together was a really hard thing for Hubby and I to do when we first got married. Practice and then seeing our intimacy with each other and God grow as a result helped us get over the awkwardness.


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