Wednesday, August 14, 2013

38 Week Baby Update

I'm officially into week 38 of this pregnancy!
I'll admit, I'm a lot smaller than I was with my first pregnancy...

In this photo (below), I believe I was barely at 30 weeks (with D), and look how much chunkier my face and arms look!
I gained 60lbs with my first (thanks to my intense In-N-Out cravings), and only lost 15 upon giving birth. 
That means I had 45lbs to lose on my own...

So this pregnancy is a welcomed change.
I've been eating well, working out throughout the entire pregnancy, and I've been mindful about my cravings (the only thing I didn't do different last pregnancy!).

It doesn't mean I feel less miserable than I did at 38 weeks with my daughter!

I may not be as big, but I feel just as big....
And just as miserable...

I'm 2cm dilated as of yesterday afternoon.
The baby's head is nice and low.
My doctor scheduled my induction to be on August 26th, but he predicted that I may not make it till then (fingers crossed).

And inconveniently, my doctor is going on his annual vacation next week to Mexico.
And...the week I am due, he is working at a different hospital than the one I am delivering at.

So I'm being delivered by another doctor from his practice.
He sounds pretty confident that I won't have any complications, so I feel ok about being delivered by someone else.

Honestly at this point...

Any trained medical professional could deliver me, and I'd still be happy.
I just want baby out already!


  1. I gained the most with my third pregnancy, I blame the fact that I was on bed rest for 8 weeks toward the end ;) My doctor never made it to one of my 3 deliveries, I was always delivered by the on call at the hospital. Thank goodness each time they were amazing!! I hope you aren't waiting too much longer for your little one.

    1. I was delivered by the on call doctor for my last pregnancy, so I'm not too worried! I could not imagine being put on bed rest for 8 weeks! I'd go crazy!

  2. Girl, I bet you are beyond ready! You look great ... but I remember how it feels there at the end. Granted, by 38 weeks, I was over being pregnant both times, and still carried to 41, almost 42 weeks. Hopefully it all happens EXACTLY how you want it to!

    1. I would be the most unpleasant person to be around if I had to go past 40 weeks!!! My daughter came right on time, and our son is being induced right before 40 weeks if he doesn't come sooner...thank God!

  3. You look awesome!!
    I had a dream last night that three of my friends, (including you,) all had your babies on the same day!

    1. Can you ask God to give you another dream with a possible date of birth?!?!

  4. You look beautiful! :)

    Semper Wifey

  5. It's almost over.....

    I had 2 August babies, so I feel your pain <3

  6. Oh my goodness! You are going to have a baby soon! How exciting. I hope things go quickly and everything is well. I think it will be. It sounds like you've taken amazing care of yourself and baby :) Wishing you the best my friend!

  7. You are so close!! And you really do look amazing by the way!

  8. You look great! Not much longer now! I had to really watch it while we were back in Texas with all of that Blue Bell, BBQ, Tex-Mex..... Good thing my parents have a treadmill and an exercise bike!


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