Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Baby Story

 Don't ask me why I'm up so early, but I figured while all three of my babies (hubby, D, and M) were sleeping, I'd do some blogging.

Because I gave birth via scheduled induction, I don't have quite as interesting of a birth story as my first one.
If I would have had the time to get an epidural with my first one, I'm pretty sure we would have had our second child a lot sooner than we did.
**I was so traumatized with my first labor and delivery, and having to give birth with no pain medication or pain management. I never wanted to go through that experience again, and I contemplated adoption very seriously for a while**
My labor and deliveries were NIGHT AND DAY compared to each other!
With Mattis, it was a lot more of a pleasant, joyful, and (good) memorable experience (thank you, epidural).

See how happy I look with an epidural, and being in labor in a nice, safe, and CONTROLLED environment?!
I'm pretty sure with D, I looked more like this...

I checked into the hospital at 0730.
I was started on pitocin at 0830.
I got my epidural at around 0900-0930, and at that point, I felt like I was in heaven.
They gave me my epidural before I started feeling any pain, and all I was feeling were small cramps. By 1615 (415 in the afternoon), the doctor came in to check me, and she couldn't believe she could already see and feel the baby's head.
I started pushing at 1630, and baby Mattis made his appearance into the world at 1637!
I only pushed for two contractions (same as with D).
Just like the doctor who delivered D, the doctor who delivered M was in shock how fast I delivered. 
It all worked out cause she was going off shift at 1700 (5pm)!

When I was pregnant with D, I watched entirely too many shows on TLC about childbirth, and I expected it to be this beautiful moment (like on TV) where everyone is crying tears of joy and happiness.
I was really disappointed that my reality was the total opposite. 
There were no tears of joy and happiness, just tears of utter pain.
I'm pretty sure a few profanities were shouted.
I assaulted my poor husband...
The birth of our son, however, was exactly like those TV shows.
It was perfect and beautiful in every way.
I cried my tears of joy as they put him on my chest, and I looked up at my husband who had a look of pure happiness and calm on his face.
It's amazing what a little pain management did for my mood!

I knew D would be a great big sister.
It's something that I diligently prayed about, but I didn't expect my 4 year old to be as nurturing as she was!
She wanted to hold him, and I think if we would have let her, she would have held him all night long!

This past weekend, we took D to the "Build-A-Bear Workshop" to build a stuffed animal for her new baby brother.
We also had one made for her "from her baby brother".
She was so excited to give it to him!

Proud daddy and his babies.

I've had many mothers of daughters tell me that they didn't think they could love a son the same way they loved their daughters until they actually held their son in their arms.
I'm kind of ashamed to admit I felt that way at times!
I always pictured myself a mother of nothing but daughters.
But wow!!!!
I couldn't imagine him being anything else other than him!

I have to give my amazing husband some major kudos.
He has gotten up with me every single time the baby needs to be fed, and has kept me company while I nurse him (even though he doesn't have to).
Our son is now 4 days old, and I have yet to change a diaper!
It's true ladies...
Men like him do exist, and I am incredibly blessed that he's mine!
Did I mention that he is a full time active duty Marine, an off duty college student, an amazing God loving husband, a best friend, a father to a spunky 4 year old, and now a newborn.
This man hardly ever sleeps!

 I love them :-)


  1. Aww this is so beautiful!!! Happy to hear you had a great delivery. I had all 3 of mine natural so I do not know what an epidural feels like, but you look like a happy camper all things considered :) enjoy that cute little guy.

  2. Absolutely happy for you and am SO glad your delivery went smoothly for you. I don't understand the people that don't support inductions.

  3. So happy that you got the delivery you wanted! I never experienced anything OTHER than induction and epidural -- so I can only imagine how traumatizing of an experience {your first delivery} it might be if thats NOT what you are looking for.


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