Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Baby Update

But this time...
It's not about the baby growing in my belly!
It's my "babe", my lover boy, my heart, my everything, my knight in shining armor...etc.etc.etc.etc.
My husband, Nick!

Today is a huge milestone for him.
He is officially 30!

Being 9 months prego, it was tough for us to really plan something huge and extravagant for his "dirty thirty."
He really wanted to have a BBQ at our house for his birthday, but the idea of having people over with me being this pregnant made me sick.
Even though he insisted, I didn't have to do anything, I knew I would eventually be running around cleaning after people, prepping food, and just being a good hostess.
That was something this prego was not in the mood to do!
Instead, I tried my best to make his "birthday week" extra special.

I got him a little something each day this week counting the days down to his birthday.

On Monday, I bought him some "grown up socks".
I told him he's at the age now where he really does need some nice dress socks to wear with his nice dress shoes and slacks.
His Marine Corps issued uniform socks and cotton socks just aren't going to cut it anymore.

On Tuesday, I sent him on an "errand" when he went to work to pick up some cupcakes from Sweet Cupcakes.
I told him that I ordered them to take to church on Wednesday for my small group brunch.
Of course that was a lie.
I had a note attached telling him that they were actually for him and his 29 years and 361 days of life!

On Wednesday, he came home to a new pair of aviator sunglasses and some nose hair
My husband is always wearing some sort of ballistic, sporty Oakley's, and I thought he needed some more "professional" looking sunglasses to wear with his nice clothes and dress uniforms.
The nose hair trimmers were more of a gag gift.
All old men have long nose hairs, right?

On Thursday, we surprised him with two nice ties and some nice cufflinks. 
My husband's idea of "dressing up" is normally wearing a dress uniform.
Every grown man needs to own some nice ties and cuff links.
So I thought I would help him start "accessorizing" his "big boy" clothes.

On Friday, I planned a big lunch for him and his friends from work in Boston at Uno's Chicago Grill for some deep dish pizza!
I drove into Boston (on a Friday, mind you) to celebrate his last day as a 29 year old with his friends.

And today, for the big day....
We're planning on just spending it as a family.
I ordered him a custom ice cream cake with all his favorite flavors from the Ben Jerry's Scoop Shop
 For dinner, we are heading into Boston to have jajangmyeon (Korean noodle dish) at a restaurant our pediatrician (who's Korean) recommended called Buk Kyung.

And for my babe..

I just want you to know how extremely proud I am of all that you've accomplished in 30 short years of life. I seriously wake up every day thinking, "What more could this man POSSIBLY accomplish today?!", and every day, you amaze me with something new. There are men who leave this earth at 100 years old that would be jealous of what you have done in your 30 years. Not only is your success professionally as a Marine something that I proudly boast about, but your growth in Christ over the years is something I am even more proud of. I think because of that, He has blessed you in so many ways! It's God's way of showing you that He is proud of you as well. 
You've given our family so much to be thankful for, and I do my best to not take any of it for granted. I know how hard you work to provide for us, and to provide an even better future for our children. 

Thank you...
1. For always putting us first.
2. For making us pancakes from scratch every Saturday morning when you are home.
3. For playing outside and having adventures with Dannika.
4. For always doing the dishes after dinner (without me ever asking).
5. For working hard enough to afford me the opportunity to stay home with our children.
6. For taking us to the movies to watch movies that we want to watch.
7. For liking my cooking.
8. For wine, vodka, and beer nights at the house.
9. For making it to every single one of my doctor's appointments when you aren't gone.
10. For making it to Dannika's doctor's appointments as well.
11. For watching the Bachelor with me...and every other reality show that I can't help watching.
12. For going to church with us.
13. For always bringing me a glass of water at night before bed.
14. For fixing everything that needs fixing! You're such a handyman!
15. For working hard to make our first home beautiful.
16. For finding the home that we are living in now.
17. For making sure we are taken care of when the Marine Corps takes you away from us.
18. For looking so dang sexy in your uniforms...especially your chucks and your dress mm!
19. For putting up with my ridiculous shopping sprees (every once in a while!)
20. For setting up the baby's nursery.
21. For painting every inch of this house and making it more "homey" before D and I moved here
22. For shoveling snow all winter by yourself.
23. For going to college while sometimes working 60+ hours a week to secure a better future for us.
24. For always saying "yes" to me when I ask you to do something...even when I know you don't want to.
25. For the evening walks around our neighborhood while teaching D to get over her fear of hills on her bike
26. For being in charge of bedtime routine with Dannika every night when you're home so that I can lay in bed earlier.
27. For reading bedtime stories.
28. For standing up for me.
29. For being such an honest an humble man.
30. For loving God.
Happy 30th Birthday, handsome!
I can't wait to spend the next 30 birthdays with you!
Us :-)
We sure have come a long way since the first birthday we celebrated as a married couple!

And the second....
Remember the backwards "26"? lol.

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