Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ben & Jerry's + Jajangmyeon = 30

Like I said yesterday, we spent my hubby's 30th birthday just as a family.
It was a perfect day for him (and for my 9 month prego self).
And as he wished, the baby did not come on his birthday.
He was really worried about having to share a birthday with his
  I asked him at the beginning of the week what kind of cake he wanted me to make, and he wanted an ice cream cake.
I didn't have to bake, and I had been dying to go to our local Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop.
My husband LOVES caramel (the word "love" is actually an understatement), so of course he wanted the triple caramel chunk ice cream cake.
And I must say, it was heavenly.
It has layers of fudge inside with triple caramel chunk ice cream in between the fudge.
It then is "iced" with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
Then it is drizzled with more fudge, and topped with chocolate covered caramel turtles.
And for my Texas people...
NO, it does NOT compare to Blue Bell, but pretty darn close!

We had a late birthday lunch in Allston (pretty much Boston) at a Korean restaraunt called Buk Kyung II.
Most people are pretty familiar with Korean BBQ, but if you've never had Korean jajangmyeon or Korean tangsuyuk, you are seriously missing out on some other delicious Korean cuisine!

Here they are, right before heading out for lunch!

Jangjangmyeon is Korean noodles in a black soybean paste sauce.
It seriously is SOOOOOOO good.
Tangsuyuk is basically a Korean version of sweet and sour pork (pictured below).
 I described it to my husband as the Korean version of "General Tso's chicken", but I felt bad comparing this deliciousness of a dish to a bad westernized Chinese dish.

If you're ever in the Boston area, I highly recommend this place to get your Korean grub on!
Parking is terrible (like the rest of Boston), but once you find parking, this place is totally worth it!

My hubby decided he was feeling lucky since it was 30th birthday, so he bought a few scratchers.
He didn't win anything. (sad face)
*Note his "grown up" sunglasses.*

After his birthday adventures, we spent the rest of the evening outside.
We took our daughter on her daily evening bike ride with me power walking/running ferociously next to her to try and speed up this labor process (and it's not working).
After seeing a picture on Instagram of my best friend's son riding his bike without training wheels, my daughter decided it was time to take hers off.
That lasted a whole 10 minutes and 3 wipe outs on our front lawn. 
She wanted her training wheels back on after the last
I give her an "A" for effort, and for at least wanting to try!

Just a random thought...
One of my favorite blogs to read (out of the many) is Marshall's Abroad.
Every time I read her blog, I tell myself I need to get my DSLR out more to snap photos.
I mean seriously though...
EVERY SINGLE photo on her blog is absolutely stunning and breathtaking.
She never posts cruddy cell phone pics!
I feel like I have this big fancy camera, and I barely use it anymore.
My iPhone5 has pretty much taken over my photographing life.

I actually may take my DSLR out of storage tonight while I'm thinking about it. 


  1. Looks like your husband had a great birthday, and I love that you made his whole week special. Too bad the nearest Ben & Jerry's for us is an hour away. That cake sounds delish!!!

    1. It may be a blessing that it's so far away for you. That place is dangerous!

  2. Ben and Jerrys is the best!! Glad he had a great birthday!

    1. Blue Bell is the BEST...but they only sell it in the south Ben $ Jerry's is a close second ;-)

  3. I've never had Korean food, but boy does that Jangjangmyeon look AWESOME! I think I need to try some Korean in the very near future :)

    1. I can't believe you've never had Korean BBQ!!! That is a MUST try!

  4. That cake and food looks amazing! And Korean food is tasty!

  5. Sounds like your husband had a great day celebrating 30! And I am right there with you as far as photos go -- I have a decent camera [although its no where near top of the line great!] but always complain about toting it everywhere we go just in case, so I wind up always snapping pictures on my phone. I NEED to change that!

  6. Happy birthday to your hubby! That cake sounds amazing!!


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