Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Weeks as a Family of 3

I am really enjoying the Summer weather here in New England.
As a Texas girl, I'm used to scorching hot Summers with ridiculous humidity.
Of course I was spoiled rotten the last 10 years living in Southern California with gorgeous temperatures all year round!
But New England has a different kind of Summer.
The afternoons and evenings provide a nice cool Summer breeze, and even when it's "really hot", it doesn't really feel like it.

Our neighbor's cherry tomato garden :)
Just a happy reminder of nice weather.
I am thankful for this nice Summer weather seeing as how I am in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.
I'm at the totally miserable stage.
Little man is really cramped in my tummy, and he is making sure to use every single bit of space my body has to be comfortable.
In turn, I feel like my insides are bruised!

My 37 week baby bump pic, and yes, I am still rocking my heels! 
I don't have any swelling this pregnancy, so my feet still fit in my regular shoes!

As we anticipate the arrival of our son, we've just been trying to spend as much quality time together as a family of 3.
My sweet baby girl will only be an only child for just a few more weeks, so we want to give her our undivided attention!
Even if it means playing XBox together on a Saturday morning with daddy :-)

She's been enjoying the summer playing outside and playing "princesses" with her best friend (our next door neighbor).

My outdoors loving husband has been enjoying being outside and finding random odd jobs to do around the house.
He cut down two HUMONGOUS bushes last weekend that had grown uncontrollably since we had moved in.
I can finally see out the window now without a huge bush blocking the entire thing, and I can finally get some good natural sunlight into the house!

Cute little bird's nest that fell out of the giant bushes hubby cut down.
Speaking of nests, I also have no sort of "nesting instinct" like I did with D.
I really just want to lay around all day with my feet up, or playing with D.
The baby's nursery is still not complete, and I'm really not stressin'.
I did end up buying some canvases from Michael's this last weekend to start some last minute art projects for his nursery.
Here's a sneak peek...
I can't wait to post pics when the nursery is finally complete!
It'll probably be another few months before it's completely finished...

And another reminder that Summer is nearing an end...
Back to school shopping.
We took D to the mall to get some school shoes for preschool.
Little Nikes :-)

 Little Sperrys :-)
I seriously want a sparkly pair JUST like hers!

I'm a little sad Summer is coming to end soon, and I am definitely not looking forward to another New England winter.
But I'm excited about Fall, all things pumpkin, and of course meeting our new little man :-)


  1. Aww...I remember going from one baby to two I had mommy guilt like no other. But also so much excitement!! And boys are so much fun...insane but so fun! haha

    1. I had a little bit of mommy guilt when I first found out I was prego, but now we're all so excited that I think it's just wanting to cherish my first born and only child for a little longer!

  2. Enjoy it as much as you possibly can over these next few weeks. I remember exactly what it was like when #2 came along and it was a bit of an adjustment.

    1. I can't wait to try one of your delicious cocktails once this baby is born! I'm sure I'll be needing a few. lol.

  3. So exciting!! Enjoy the last few weeks, and can't wait to see pictures of your new addition :)

  4. I think one of the things I miss most about New England is the fall -- apple orchards, the foliage, and the cool evening air! Sweatshirt weather is my favorite! Enjoy -- it doesn't seem to hit us here in NC until mid November! Ha HA

    1. The Spring, Summer, and Fall here are gorgeous! The long miserable winter that takes up half the year is something I can't live with! It's one of the biggest reasons why THIS Texas girl can never see myself making it a permanent home here.

  5. Gorgeous canvas! You did a wonderful job!
    You are a fabulous looking pregnant woman! It's awesome you're still able to rock the pretty shoes! (:

    1. thank you so much! My last pregnancy...I was not so lucky...I was a humongous, swollen, bloated, hot mess!

  6. I can't believe it's so close! But I can't wait to see pics of the little one! :)

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  7. You look wonderful! And Dannika is going to have the best shoes in her class! So cute! Love the canvas and can't wait to see the nursery. But don't feel like you need to hurry. I didn't even have a baby bed in Charlotte's room when she was born!


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