Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Whole Month

My son is a whole month old today. 
I wish I could say, "Where has the time gone?"
Let's just be real.
This tired and sleepy mama is thinking more along the lines of, "It's ONLY been a month?! I hope you start sleeping at night soon...for my sanity!"
Besides the sleep deprivation, he has brought a lot of joy into my life (when he's not up all hours of the night wanting to be fed). 
On days big sister is in school, I catch myself just sitting on the couch with him and staring at his perfect little face.
His cheeks are starting to get chubbier, and he's starting to make more facial expressions.
Holding him in my arms makes Dannika seem huge.
It's hard to believe that she was so tiny at one point.
I can even make him smile a little.
I love you, Boo Boo.
You'll probably hate that nickname when you're older, but that's just what I decided to call you.
My little Boo Boo.
Here's my chunky little guy with his Build-A-Bear puppy that big sister got him 


  1. He is seriously so cute!! Are you on Bloglovin at all? That's where I follow all of my blogs!

  2. Aww... he's cute! Hope he gets to sleeping more soon. In the meantime, I've chosen you for a Sunshine Award. Here is the link:

    Hope you'll join in :) If you catch an extra minute that is!

  3. He is adorable! Hope he starts sleeping better soon so that you can catch up on your sleep!

  4. He is adorable!! We have a Boo Boo, too {and I can tell you from experience, they DO hate the nickname, and will voice their opinion, but as mom's we still do it!! Ha!} I totally sympathize with poor sleep ... neither of mine slept through the night EVER until they were almost 2 years old!


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