Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Baby Post?! Yes!

Having my kids 4 years apart definitely has some advantages.
For instance...
I am writing this blog post right now while my 4 year old dutifully "entertains" her little brother.
In reality, she just gives him his paci when he starts getting fussy, and is laying next to him on the floor in the living room while watching Disney Jr.
Did I also mention that while she is "babysitting", I scrubbed our entire guest bathroom down?!
I also made myself a cup of pumpkin spiced coffee this morning, had an English muffin, and got to catch up on my recorded shows.
Oh yeah, and D also had apple cinnamon waffles.
When D was a newborn, I could never get anything done for the first few months of her life.
I relied so much on my husband to do little tasks like cleaning and dinner.

I will admit that little man is not as great of a sleeper as D was.
Which is why we spent the majority of our weekend catching up on much needed sleep.

Hubby and I enjoyed a few glasses of peach champagne last night after dinner.
Oh, and those grapes in our glass are the famous "cotton candy grapes".
And yes...
They really DO taste like exactly like cotton candy, and they are absolutely delicious!

The cutest thing in the world is catching our little guy laughing in his sleep.
He has the cutest little laugh ever.
I wonder what he's dreaming about that could be so funny.
I found this article about newborn laughter that I thought was interesting.

Check out the sweet mosquito bite that my daughter got above her left eye.
I thought it was a shiner at first that she got while playing with her friend next door.
On closer examination, it's just a bug bite.
I'm always paranoid that when she's in school, someone will assume that we are abusing our child and call CPS on us, so when she has a little bruise or an injury, I sort of freak out a little...
I've heard too many horror stories of that happening to totally innocent parents.

My mom left this past Saturday.
I'm kind of sad to have seen her leave.
Especially cause I feel like I might have been a grouch the entire two weeks she was here helping me out.
The lack of sleep, caring for a newborn, and the post partum hormones made me grumpy, and I didn't get to really spend as much quality time as I would have liked.
She was a great sport though.
She cooked every single meal for us while she was here, and cleaned every single day.
In fact, on her last night at our house, she was up till 10 in the evening slaving away in my kitchen and cooking.
She wanted to make sure that we had a few more meals for the next couple days after she left.
I also did not pay for a single grocery the entire two weeks she was here.
She wouldn't let me.
Nick and I took her out to eat lobster on one of her last nights here, and we had to fight with her to pay for dinner!
Can you believe that we have been in New England for almost a year now, and we had never had fresh Maine lobster?!?
Me either.
Glad we checked that one off our bucket list.
It was delicious.

Now, I'm off to go feed my fussy newborn. :-)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am totally jealous of your little helper!!! My oldest is three and if I asked him to sit with the baby I bet he would sit ON the baby! haha. And my two year old...forget about it!!

  2. Can you believe that I have lived in New England for my entire life and hate seafood LOL. Luckily, so does my hubby, so I don't even have to smell his :)

  3. Oo I want to try those cotton candy grapes!

    1. They are AMAZING! I don't really like grapes all that much, but I can't get enough of these!!!!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your lobster -- I can't eat it here in NC. Its not the same ANYWHERE when you were raised in Maine! Having a helper with a little one is the BEST! I remember, even though mine are only 2 years apart, I would lay a blanket on the floor of the baby's room and put him down with a couple soft toys and his sister would play with him for a few minutes while I washed dishes or started dinner. It was the best!

  5. Ahhhhh - you're making me hungry! Why do I read blogs at night? What a great big sister! I think my two are going to be good helpers, but I'm worried that they may never let the baby sleep! I can just see them constantly being in her face!

  6. Aww I do not miss that fog I was in for awhile after I had my second.
    It's going to be awesome when he gets a little older and wants to crawl around everywhere after her. :)


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