Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HIS Plans

I wish I could blog about something other than having a newborn around.
But when my life these days consist of having a newborn attached to my boob, that's all I really have to blog about.
I don't know if it's a boy thing, but man, does this little guy EAT.
I swear as soon as I get done nursing him, he's got his two little fingers in his mouth giving me the cue to feed him again.
My daughter was breastfed for the first 3 months of her life, and she did not nurse this much!
She nursed every two to three hours on the clock, while Baby M nurses every hour to hour and a half. 

My body seems to be recovering a whole lot faster than it did with D.
In fact, I feel like in a week or two, I'll be ready to hit the pavement again!
It's a promising sign that I will have my pre baby body back before the Marine Corps ball in November.

We had our first family outing at the Cheesecake Factory a few days ago.
I'm happy to say that Baby slept the entire time, and I was able to enjoy my meal.

I posted this pic on my Facebook a few days ago with the caption, "I never thought we'd have two kids...especially since I told him that I didn't want kids when we were dating. Now I can't imagine life without all THREE of them!"
It's true. 
At one point in my life, the Marine Corps was my LIFE.
There was no way I was about to have kids.
Kids would have ruined all my great plans that I had in order to make the Marine Corps my lifelong career.
It's crazy how God intervened, and made me realize that MY plans were not HIS plans.

This was the life I pictured for myself...

Building rockets for Marine Corps aviation...
 And deploying to the middle east...

This is the life God had pictured for me.

A wife following her Marine around all over the world, and a mama of two.

I personally like God's plan better.

I mean look at these two...

My spunky 4 year old with crazy hair (who likes to the selfies on my iPad)

And my handsome newborn...

Life is pretty good.


  1. Ah, I have so much to catch up on, congrats!! And wells is a champion eater too, I forgot how exhausted breastfeeding is!

  2. Maybe it's a boy thing!! Both my boys ate every hour on the hour. My little girl spreads it out a little more, but is still a chunk :)

  3. I think it IS A boy thing!! My daughter sounds like D when she was little, nursing every few hours. My son?! Granted he came out 10 lbs already, so maybe he thought he needed to keep all that up, but he ate CONSTANTLY! And still would, if I let him. He's always trying to drag me to the fridge or the pantry. "Bananas. Cheese. Drink." Thats all I hear from him!

  4. God's plans are pretty wonderful, huh? It's amazing what happens when we sit back and let Him lead :)
    My daughter was a 24/7 nurser for the first 10 weeks or so. I love her, but it was intense. Eventually she became a normal eater, but at first it seemed like as soon as she finished, it was already time for the next feeding.

  5. Mattis knows what's up. He's already got his Aggie gear. Now he's working on getting big and strong so that he can play some football! ;)


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