Monday, October 28, 2013

2 Months

This weekend was so crazy and busy that I totally forgot to post Mattis's 2 month blog post.
He's officially a 2 month old as of last Saturday!
He is 14lbs 12ozs and 23.5 inches long!!!
Some days, I wish I could slow time down just a little.
Other days, I am counting down the days till you're a little older and a little less needy.
This month has been full of new things.
You are full of smiles and coos.
Whenever mama makes strange noises to your face or clicking noises with her mouth, your face just lights up.
I think you get a little annoyed with your big sister because when she loves on you, it's a little overwhelming.
She's just so in love with you, and she can't help herself.
Do you blame her though? 
You are an amazing goodness, you eat like a champ!
Your little fat rolls are to D.I.E. for.
You love stroller rides in the BOB when mama goes running, and it almost always instantly puts you into a deep sleep.
You are starting to sleep longer through the night which is a blessing to your tired mama and daddy.
In fact, you slept from 2130 until 0400 last night!!!
You love your little bouncy chair and your swing...thank goodness because your sister hated hers.
You love sitting in your bouncy chair on the floor in the kitchen while watching mama cook dinner.

Some "firsts" during your second month of life...
*We took you apple picking
*You "helped" pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
*You attended your first official Marine Corps function (daddy's pass in review)
**You were dedicated to the Lord at church!**

The last one is the most important.
It was important to us that we dedicated you to God, and it was important to have all the wonderful prayer warriors at church pray for you and for our family.
I am so thankful that God chose us to be your parents, and I hope at the end of our time here on earth, He'll be proud of us.

Again, I can't believe I never wanted a son.
I honestly could not life without you, and I think you're just what the Romer family needed to complete our puzzle.

We love you Mattis Mark Vincent....
You're your boy after your mama's heart.


  1. Those cheeks!!!! Oh I love chunky babies. And it is the best when they are in the kitchen sitting so contently :)

  2. Your kids are so cute together! So adorable.


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