Monday, October 14, 2013

A New England Fall

If you know me (or have been following my blog long enough), you know about my hate and discontent for New England.
I really just HATE HATE HATE the cold, and I could never ever ever make this place a permanent home because of that reason. 
I also just hate the Patriots and the Red Sox :)
I spent the majority of my first few months when I moved here just being miserable and hating life here.
We've been here almost a year now, and after finding an amazing church, some great friends, and awesome neighbors, I've learned to appreciate our time here since it won't be permanent (or for long).
I'm actually so thankful that God placed our little family here, and I've come to really appreciate the little things about this place.

Now I've said this before, but I'm not a big fan of Fall time.
I don't like scarves and boots, and I could care less that the leaves are pretty.
The only things about Fall I like is college football and pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks.

With that said, I decided to really embrace Fall here in New England because there are some cool little perks about New England that the rest of the country doesn't get!

I've never lived in a place where the leaves turn this shade of red. 
I mean seriously.
I have to admit, it's gorgeous, and seeing all the trees turn bright shades of red, orange, and yellow puts me in awe of God's beauty.

Another thing is apple picking!
Everyone and their mothers have been telling us about New England apple picking, and how awesome it is.
So we finally decided to go today.
Probably not the best day to go since it was a holiday, and a million people decided to go apple picking today.
We still ended up having a great time, and because the orchard we went to was so big, it didn't feel like there were a ton of people there.
I hear a lot of locals here complain about "picking season" because it brings in tourists and people from all over the place, and they ruin the orchards.
I understood their point when we went today.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, we went to the Belkin Family Lookout Farm right here in Natick!

I proudly wore my Dallas Cowboys hat thinking some patriots fan would say something, but no one said anything about it!

Me and my red delicious apple.
I never knew how delicious apples tasted straight off the tree!
I'm not even a huge "apple person", but I think I could have eaten them all day if they were straight off a tree.

Golden delicious apples

The whole orchard is shaded with grape vines. 
They're absolutely stunning.

I've never had an apple cider donut before either!
I've never even heard of them until we moved here.
I must say...they were pretty amazing.

My kiddos and me after a fabulous afternoon of apple picking.

Panoramic view of the orchard

I'm not looking forward to winter, but the cool crisp air of Fall is really nice.
We've been trying to take advantage of it by running outside a lot.
I know once it gets too cold, it will be nearly impossible for me to run outside with the kids.
Today, Dannika asked if she could run with us.
We let her run a little bit with us, and when she got tired, she hopped into the jogging stroller.
I love that we are setting an example to her.

A family that runs together, stays together. :-)

And I could never end a blog post without a picture of my adorable son!
This picture makes me laugh.
It's amazing how such a tiny human being can be the "big spoon". lol.

So perfect...
"fearfully and wonderfully made..."

I'm loving the New England Fall :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous! I miss fall so much. And would kill for a fresh cider doughnut right now! My family lives next door to an orchard, so we have them within walking distance at home this time of year.

  2. Looks like an awesome day! We went apple picking out here last fall, but missed the season this year. I didn't realize that it ends at the end of September here until it was too late. Oops! Trenton loves running too. Charlotte not so much, but we're working on her!

  3. I have wanted to go apple picking sooo bad! But they don't have a place up here :( it looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  4. Oh man, you are making me homesick!! Fall in Maine is the ONE thing I miss about being there! I haven't been back in over a year, and haven't seen Fall in almost 2 years! Looks like you all had a great time at the orchard -- so I'll just forgive your little Patriots and Red Sox comment ;)


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