Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shut Down

I tried to avoid blogging about this topic because I feel like this topic is EVERYWHERE lately.
But those that know me know that I can't keep my opinions to myself for very long.

I know that that congress passed "POMA" (Pay Our Military Act), and they also passed a shutdown exemption for the VA.
However, that doesn't mean that veterans and active duty service members aren't affected.
Special pay has been stopped, and the VA still faces the possibility of running out of money to pay benefits to veterans (GI Bill, disability, etc.)
The thing that enrages me the most is the fact that our active duty service members that are in combat zones are not getting their hazardous duty pay.
As a veteran, I receive disability pay and benefits.
I'll be OK with not getting my monthly VA check because I don't rely on my disability pay for anything.
 I'm thinking about those guys who are medically retired or are disabled to a point where they can not work.
The medically retired and the severely disabled solely rely on their VA disability check to pay bills, to pay LIVE.
 My husband works hand in hand at his job with government employees that have been furloughed.
These civilians have been out of work for a week, and my husband mentioned that one of them had found a construction job to work this week to make ends meet.
It's sad that it has come to this.
Most of these civilians are also veterans with families and bills to pay.
With all of the civilians being furloughed, my husband has had to take on their responsibilities at work as well his own responsibilities.
Regardless of the government being shut down, the military mentality is always, "the show must go on."

I just wish congress can hurry up and figure something out soon.

And just some randomness...

With the lack of sleep and the responsibilities of caring for a newborn, my husband and I have had our moments where marriage has really been a challenge.
Our patience is running thin most days.
At the end of the day though, this guy works a 60 hour work week and comes home to step up to the plate as "Dad of the Year".
I'm so blessed to have him by my side through this journey of parenthood and life.


  1. UGH - Where do I start? Not only was my husband supposed to go in for his final reserve weekend this weekend before he retires - which got canceled and now we don't know when he can out-process, but he works for the goverment, so he's been home all week. This sucks.

  2. There's just no bonus to the situation whether you're directly or indirectly involved. It really just blows my mind that it's even a possibly, no less a reality, that an entire government can "shut down," especially when that government is so bold to present itself as the best government in the world! Craziness! We're all hoping this ends soon, except for Congress of course, they're still being paid to drag their heels


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