Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October

Is it October already?
To be honest, I'm not excited about the "beautiful Autumn" that New England has to offer.
I'm just not a cooler weather person, and I don't really care about the leaves changing colors.
I call myself "tropical".
I was at Target yesterday, and I saw girls already wearing their Uggs and sweaters (it was in the 70's yesterday!)
The only thing I really welcome about Fall is the pumpkin stuff, and getting Halloween costumes for my little ones. 

On another note, our son has been sleeping 4 to 5 hour stretches at night for 3 nights in a row now!
After some desperate measures, I invested in two baby books.
I am usually not the type of person who likes self-help books, but after a month of no consecutive sleep, I was desperate.
The first one I read was "On Becoming Baby Wise", and the second one I read was "The Happiest Baby on the Block".
They were both life changing....ok, ok....maybe not LIFE CHANGING, but for a mama who has not slept in 4 weeks, it sure felt life changing.
I HIGHLY recommend both of these books. 

And for those mamas out there who have newborns, I'll tell you what method worked for us.
Again, this worked for us, but it doesn't necessarily means it'll work for you, but it's worth a shot!

So here's what is working for us (so far):
1. We used a new swaddling method called "the bat wing swaddle". You can YouTube it.
2. We moved him out of our room into his crib.
3. We put a white noise maker in his crib (Note: not a running brook sound, no animal noises, no lullabies...just straight white noise)
4. We lay him on his side.
5. Give him a pacifier
6. We bounce him in our arms, and right before he is about to fall asleep, we lay him in his crib.

You really need to read "The Happiest Baby On the Block" to master this technique.
There's a certain way you have to incorporate all these techniques for it to work!
I swear by it though, and maybe it'll help someone else out there too!
Here's to a good night's rest!
This Sam Adams cream stout is delicious!

I am loving my Saturday mornings with our whole family in bed together.
Even in my sleep deprived state, my heart feels so full when I see my two babies next to me.

Even with my disdain for Fall and cooler weather, our family is all into "Fall activities".
This past Saturday, we went to our church's Fall Festival.
D had a blast, and at the end of the day, we do these things for our kid's happiness, right?

I love watching little man's facial expressions.
I feel like I can see his personality a little through them :-)

I think the sweetest thing in the world is watching a sleeping baby.
I could watch a sleeping baby for hours.
They look so peaceful and serene.
I sit and wonder what he dreams about, especially when I see him crack a smile or a little laugh in his sleep.
It absolutely melts my heart.

I've been pretty exhausted lately, and being home with a newborn 24/7 has been starting to wear on me.
My husband came home early from work yesterday, and offered to take both kids to the library so that D could check out a few new books.
As for me?
I went to my own little sanctuary...Target!!!!
I spent an absolutely peaceful hour at Target all by myself, and it was marvelous.
See how refreshed I look!?

After an hour to myself of retail therapy, I was a much happier mama to come home to these two sweethearts.

And lastly...
Is this not the most hilarious picture ever?


  1. Yay Target! It's seriously my all time favorite store.

  2. Haha! This picture of the boys is to die for! :)

  3. Oh Target...it does wonders for a stay at home mom :)

  4. Ha Ha- That last picture just cracked me up!
    Your baby boy is just perfect
    Glad things are looking up in the sleep department
    Oh and I wore my Uggs today. I know, I know...I just couldn't help it though

  5. hehe love the last picture! We are starting to get bigger stretches of sleep too and I love it. I moved all my boys out of our room pretty early and we dont use monitors. Otherwise, I am up with every little sound they make!


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