Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life With My Babies

It dawned on me today that if I were still in the Marine Corps, I'd be going back to work on Monday.
It's crazy that it's already been 6 weeks since I had a baby!
It's also crazy to me how different I feel about baby #2.
I love both my babies in ways that I could never describe in words, but motherhood has definitely been a different experience between the two.
I feel a lot more relaxed with Mattis than I did with Dannika.
I actually enjoy nursing him, and when he's screaming bloody murder, I don't get anxiety and freak out.
After my work out this morning, I needed to take a quick shower before we went about the rest of our day.
Of course, right before I jumped in the shower, baby woke up from his nap and was having a meltdown.
Four years ago, I probably would have skipped the shower, freaked out, called my hubby begging him to come home from work, and sat in my sweaty work out clothes all day.
But today, I jumped in the shower while baby was crying, cleaned myself up, and tended to him when I was all clean and relaxed.
Dannika was definitely my "guinea pig", and I am so thankful that she turned out to be the bright and beautiful little girl she is today (despite my shortcomings when it came to being a new parent).
She's LOVING being a big sister, and she is constantly asking to "pet" the baby on his head.
When he cries, she immediately tends to him like a miniature mama, and she is such a huge help around the house.
She's always "reminding" me to change his diaper, and always letting me know when she thinks he's hungry.
She brags to her friends in preschool and Sunday school about her baby brother, and how she is a big sister.
I thank the Lord everyday that he gave us our precious daughter first.

I have been working out everyday, and I can slowly but surely see the baby weight come off.
Yesterday, I put both kids in the BOB, and ran my daughter to preschool.
It came out to a total distance of 3.5 miles, and it was my longest run since giving birth.
I was pretty proud of myself considering I was pushing a gigantic double jogging stroller up and down hills.
I've been vigorously icing my knee and hip after every run, and it's been helping a little.
Happy "post run" face.

I put my Fall decor up. 
It's really more for Dannika than me.
I want her to have good memories of different seasons and holidays when she gets older.
I think some of my favorite childhood memories are when my mom used to put up Christmas lights.

Baby Mattis is still sleeping a steady 4 hour stretch at night.
I'm hoping by the time he's 8 weeks, we can be at 6 hours?
A girl can wish, right?

And here is the Romer family's 2013 Christmas card photo....
Just kidding....maybe ;)
A friend pointed out that Mattis was thinking, "I can't believe I'm related to these people!"


  1. Haha! Your son has some of the greatest expressions ever!

  2. Cute family pictures! Enjoy the time with your little ones :)


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