Monday, October 21, 2013

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Update

It's Marine Corps Ball season.
I haven't bought a dress yet. 
I am waiting till the last possible minute to buy one because I have been losing weight every week.
I'm hoping I'll drop another dress size by then.
I guess it's a good problem to have, but inside, I'm stressing out a little. 
As far as progress with my post pregnancy weight loss, I think I'm doing alright.
I'm impatient though, and it's just not happening fast enough for me.
Since I'm breastfeeding, it really limits the types of supplements I can take, so I'm really just using good old healthy eating and a ton of exercise!
Some days, I look in the mirror, and I can see a little hint of my abs coming back (major progress)!
Other days, I look in the mirror, and I just see a woman who just had a baby (blah).
With the ball being 3 weeks away, I decided to start doing 2-a-days starting today hoping to do some last minute toning up and hopefully dropping a few more pounds. 

Other than that, I just wanted to add...
Life has been a little crazy lately, and I've gotten super behind on reading blogs.
I've finally had some time today to sit down and catch up on your lives and your adorable photos :-)

Just some pics of life....

I'm loving a glass of good white wine after a long day to relax.

My little diva.

I've never seen a real 4 leaf clover! 
Dannika found one at her school.
So cool!

Little man...
Fell asleep during tummy time.
I would have to agree with him that nap time is way better than tummy time.

Hubby's been crazy working lately, so I took the kids to Outback for a little dinner date.
Best little dinner date ever.

Dannika's preschool is almost 2 miles away from our house.
When I take her to school, I throw both kids in the double jogger, and run her to school, drop her off, and run back with the baby.
I love that run!

Dannika and her best friend at school.

Gorgeous New England Fall time foliage.
I've seriously never seen leaves this pretty!
That tree on the left looks like it's on fire!

An awesome read.
Maybe I'll do a book review once I'm done with it.
I'm not good at reviewing things, but this book is so good, I just may have to!

I'm gonna admit, I take a lot of "selfies" of myself after a nice run.
It's when I feel best, and when I feel the greatest about my appearance.
Some people post "selfies" when they're all glammed up or wearing a special outfit.
I prefer my sweaty face :-)

On Saturdays and Sundays, our family goes on runs together.
It's my favorite thing about the weekend.
Recently, our 4 year old has started running with us!
She ran an entire mile of our 4 mile run yesterday!
So proud.

Hope y'all are doing well!
I promise to catch up on all y'alls blogs soon!!!


  1. It's great that you're losing weight. We just got back from a week in Disney and I gained a few pounds. I guess that means some extra zumba classes this week.

  2. Look at those two little cuties!!! And you are a freaking rockstar for this 2 a day business. We have our ball in about 3 weeks as well, I have done no working out, but my baby weight is gone :) So pretty much I am in need of some kind of super human toning action. Does running up and down my stairs after children count as exercise? haha

  3. You've got this! I'm sure you're going to be looking killer for the ball, no worries girl! And if anyone has anything to say about it, remind them you just gave birth to a human being!! And that little diva of yours is just too much, can't take it!

  4. I hate that I can't exercise because of my fluid issues with this pregnancy. I'm hoping to pick right back up after baby comes though. You look great! And I love that D runs with you guys! Trenton loves running too.


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