Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Randomness

I'd like to start by saying...
I write my blog the way I talk.
It's not always grammatically correct, and I like to keep it conversational.

Just throwin' that thought out there.
(see...I used "throwin" instead of "throwing", cause in normal conversation, that's probably how I would have said it.)

After Friday's fiasco on the Mass Pike (read about it here), the rest of my weekend made up for it.
Since Nick was working on Saturday, I invited a friend over (who's husband was also with Nick at work) for a play date.
She has a 3 year old and a 5 month old, and pairing them with my 4 year old and (almost) 2 month old seemed perfect.
Dannika ended up having the most epic play date ever, and I got some good girl time.
It also made the day fly by, cause Lord knows on days Nick is working, I am counting down the hours and minutes until he gets home to take over "baby duty".
It's been a while since I've really just connected with another Marine wife (since we live nowhere near the vicinity of an actual Marine Corps base), and it was entirely too much fun.
There's just something different about a fellow Marine wife that is different.
Maybe it's our experiences in the military, but it really made me miss my friends back at Camp Pendleton (whom have all moved away to different duty stations, btw).

Now some Randomness and lots of pictures of my incredibly adorable kids...

A few years ago, I had Chilean sea bass at a friend's wedding in San Diego, and it became my most favorite seafood dish I've ever eaten in my entire life.
I randomly saw it at Whole Foods (for $30.99 a pound...yes....$30.99!), and it instantly took me back to that wedding in San Diego.
I splurged and bought a pound of it and some shrimp.
It was absolutely delicious.
Definitely a once in a while treat since it's so ridiculously expensive!

Dannika, the fashionista.

This picture makes me laugh.
He's in his "formal wear", and he's saying, "I'm here to party!"

Dannika is LOVING gymnastics. 
Her confidence level has improved dramatically.
 Here she is doing some "beam work".
It's my future Olympian in the

On days she has preschool, I put her and Mattis in the jogging stroller, and I run her to school.
I get a work out in, AND she gets dropped off.
Kill two birds with one stone, baby!
We usually get there a little early, so we hang out outside until the bell rings, and it's time for her to go in.
I really enjoy those few minutes we have together before she goes to school, and I make my run back home.

This kid just eats all day and gets nice and plump.
Good thing chubby babies are adorable.
He's also starting too "coo" more and smile a little more.
I can't believe that I never wanted a son!

I have "talks" with him all the time.
I tell him that if he ever brings home a "breezy" girl, I'll embarrass him.
I tell him that us Romers have high standards.
I'm sure he's listening to me, and all he hears is babbling.

This is normally the look I get when I'm having a conversation with him.

 Here's my little athlete getting ready for "Mighty Mites".
It's a sports program geared for kids not quite old enough to play in leagues. 
She's been enjoying it a lot!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
I'm thankful that my hubby doesn't have to work tomorrow, so I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of it!

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  1. So many things about this post... but the Mattis party pose?? Too much to handle! I love it.


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