Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy 238th Birthday, Marine Corps!

Another November 10 has come around, and it's another year that the Marine Corps has lived on.
I love this time of year because even some of the most unmotivated Marines come out of the "moto closet" to celebrate. 

All Marines (regardless of what they tell ya) are really proud of the Marine Corps.

My husband's midshipmen hosted their annual "Semper Fi Society" run.

The money they raise goes to the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund in honor of Marine 1stLt Robert Kelly.
 1stLt Kelly was killed in Afghanistan on November 9, 2010, and he also happened to be the son of Marine General John Kelly.
If you have time, read this article.
It is well worth your time. I promise. 
Oh, and while you're at it, grab some tissues.

Today, we packed up our two kiddos, the double BOB, and headed into Boston this morning to run the 6 mile course (10K) along the Charles River.
It was absolutely beautiful.
 During times when I caught myself slowing down, I thought of 1stLt Kelly and all our brothers and sisters who never made it home alive from war.
It motivated me to push a little faster.

The back of my shirt says, "Where legends are born.", and there is an eagle, globe, and anchor above it :) 
Yes, I slowed down for a photo op cause I wanted a pic of the back of my shirt. 

 There's my handsome devil dog...rah.

Oh snap...who's that sexy Jarhead?!?! Oh wait...that's me. :-)
Did I mention Marines have big egos? 

The Charles River, and that is Boston in the background.

Another view of the Charles River.

6 miles...done sir done. 
Can ya tell this photo was taken by a really short person....perhaps a 4 year old?
(Don't mind the baby just sitting on the ground in his carrier)

I truly felt lucky today to have both my husband and I back on U.S. soil safe and sound with our two babies.
Between the two of us, we have done seven deployments ranging from Iraq, Japan, and Afghanistan.
I know that not all families are as lucky as we are.

So as we celebrate our birthday today, we also remember our fallen comrades.

No better friend, no worse enemy. 
Winning battles for 238 years.
I truly am blessed to be part of such an inspiring, ass kicking, and very sexy organization that is the U.S.M.C.
Happy 238th Birthday, Marine Corps.
Until next year...keep doing what you do.

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