Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Belated Happy 3 Months

My sweet baby boy is 3 months old (as of November 26).
He's changed SO much in just a month it's insane!
He can sit propped up now with no assistance (as you can see above).
He loves to coo and "talk" to you (I actually have conversations with him).
He smiles up a storm when you stick your tongue out at him.
He's ticklish under his arms.
His thighs and cheeks have enough chub on them to keep him warm all winter long!
During tummy time, he can hold his entire torso up.
He's officially rolled over from his stomach to back four times in the last month!
He is absolutely adored by his big sister, and although she drives him crazy a little, I know he loves her.
They sit in the back of the car together, and she can make him laugh and smile.
We have dance parties in the kitchen with him, and he loves it!
We put him in his little baby bouncer, turn on the music, and he starts kicking his legs and moving his arms!
Your Papa absolutely fell in love with you when he met you for the first time for Thanksgiving.
You were the star of the show during Thanksgiving.
Everyone wanted their turn holding you, which in turn spoiled you!!!

I can't believe you're 3 months old, little Mattis!
I can't wait to spend your first Christmas with you!!!

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